Life experience and online learning

Many online programs now offer college credit for life experience. What does this mean? Basically, you can use skills you’ve learned in your life through work, the military, or other experiences and turn them into life experience credits. These credits will reduce the amount of time needed to complete your online courses.

Different universities offer different life experience college credit, so it’s worth searching several programs to determine which one will benefit you the most. It’s also important to ensure that it’s a fully accredited program that can give you a proper degree or certificate and not a scam.

Demonstrating Knowledge for Life Experience Credit

You will have to prove that you have sufficient knowledge to get this life credit, but there are a variety of means to do this. Sometimes it will mean taking an exam, or providing a reference letter from a previous employer, military supervisor, or community service organization.

Any previously obtained certificates might count, as may books or articles you’ve published. It’s worth checking with your individual program to discuss what in your past qualifies you for credit for life experience.

All of this removes one major problem adults find when seeking to continue their education – the amount of time involved.

Now that reputable universities and institutions have begun offering life experience credit it can significantly reduce the amount of time you must spend on your studies. And it may allow you to bypass beginner-level courses teaching skills you’ve already learned in life.

Not all education occurs in a university setting. Giving college credit for life experience recognizes this fact and greatly aids adult learners in continuing their formal education.


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