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Online Paralegal Degree at Kaplan University Online This review of Kaplan University centers around its online paralegal degree. Visit this post to read a complete review of Kaplan University online. As more law firms and corporations seek to lower costs, paralegals will be in much higher demand. Kaplan University offers four accredited paralegal degree programs, which will give students the skills they need in order to thrive in this demanding market. The first program that the Kaplan University online offers is the Advanced B.S. in Paralegal Studies. If you already have your Associates Degree, and are looking to get even more education, this is the program for you. A Bachelor of Paralegal Studies will increase your income and will give you excellent employment prospects. Over the course of a lifetime, a Bachelor’s degree will bring you increased earnings. This program brings together the career focus of a two-year degree with the academic requirements of a four-year program. This program will enhance your communications and critical thinking skills; making you a valuable asset to any law firm you join. The Kaplan University Advanced Bachelor’s of Paralegal Studies is excellent for students who are either moving into the market place after finishing or continuing on to graduate level studies. The three primary areas of this program are Office Management, Personal Injury, and Alternative Dispute Resolution. Interested? Find out more: Kaplan University Online. The second type of paralegal degree offered by the University of Kaplan is the A.A.S in Paralegal Studies. If you are looking to change to a new career or advance your skills as a paralegal, this would be an excellent program for you to take. You will be taught how to communicate with your peers in the legal department, as well as understanding important legal concepts. You will also learn how to do proper legal research, and study criminal law as well as civil litigation. You will also learn about ethics, and how to make proper decisions. The third type of degree available at the Kaplan University is the B.S. in Paralegal Studies. This degree is aimed at students who have a strong liberal arts foundation. Students who graduate from this program may become employed with private law firms or federal agencies. The student will gain analytical skills in specialized areas of law. The fourth type of degree, which is available to students at the Kaplan University, is the Pathway to Paralegal Certificate. This program is good for students with an Associates or Bachelor’s degree who are looking for entry level work as a paralegal. The program increases you understanding of the paralegal field and also gives you an understanding of the legal system in America. Students will learn how to gather facts as well as manage cases and strategies. Students will also study litigation, and how to properly do legal research. Learning how to use this research in legal arguments is a prime goal of this program. Interested? Find out more: Kaplan University Online. Still looking?

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