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Can I really earn a Harvard University Online Degree? A degree from Harvard University represents one of the most prestigious academic accomplishments in the world. Now, by way of its extension school, there are dozens of Harvard University online courses available to students. Although they are yet to offer a complete online degree program, they do offer two graduate-level online certificate programs that may be completed entirely online: Applied Sciences and Environmental Management. Alternately, you can simply take a few classes in a subject that interests you such as accounting or linguistics to spice up your resume. Please note, if you are interested in earning a degree through the Harvard Extension School, you may do so, but you will have to combine online courses with some classroom attendance. If you are unable to meet this requirement and would like to earn a complete degree or certificate online from a high caliber institution, check out one of these top-ranked schools: Cornell, University of Notre Dame, Boston University, and Tulane University. Harvard University Online Tuition Tuition is charged per course and varies depending on whether the course is being taken for noncredit, undergraduate, or graduate credit. Tuition varies, but figure on spending between $800 and $1975 per course (reduced tuition is available for certain courses if you take the course on a non-credit basis). Harvard University Distance education snapshot:

Distance education allows students living around the world to experience Harvard through a variety of Extension School courses. Lectures conducted on campus are videotaped, then made available online along with course-related material. Local students may attend lectures in person or watch them online and frequently enjoy the benefits of doing both. In some cases, courses are available only online. All students complete the same coursework. Much of the communication between faculty and students occurs by e-mail and course websites. Many courses also have a bulletin board or chat room to foster dialogue among students and the teaching staff. Credit toward degrees and certificates You may earn a degree or certificate through a combination of online and on-campus courses. Some programs do require a minimum residency, so be sure to review requirements carefully. Currently, only the Certificate in Environmental Management and Certificate in Applied Sciences may be completed entirely online. (Harvard University Extension School, 2007, para. 1-2)

Courses offered Fall 2008 at the Harvard Extension School Harvard University Online Management Courses ACCT E-110 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations ACCT E-120 Managerial Accounting FINC E-100 Principles of Finance FINC E-130 Managerial Finance MGMT E-147 Managing Organizational Change MGMT E-190 Principles and Practices of Fundraising MRKT E-120 Internet Marketing Strategies OBHR E-100, Section 2 Human Resource Management Harvard University Online Computer Science Courses CSCI E-2a Life, Liberty, and Happiness after the Digital Explosion CSCI E-14, Section 1 Understanding and Developing Multimedia CSCI E-50a Introduction to Computer Science Using Java I CSCI E-52 Intensive Introduction to Computer Science Using C, C++, and PHP CSCI E-131b Communication Protocols and Internet Architectures CSCI E-132 Advanced Topics in Data Networking Protocols and Network Architectures CSCI E-153 Web Development Using XML CSCI E-160 Java for Distributed Computing CSCI E-168 Building Web-Based Software with Ruby and Ruby on Rails CSCI E-207 Introduction to Formal Systems and Computation CSCI E-237 Programming Microsoft .NET CSCI E-247/W Software Design: Principles, Models, and Patterns CSCI E-253 Developing Web-based Database Applications ENSC E-130 Fundamentals of Microfabrication with Applications to MEMS ENSC E-150 Introduction to Nanobiotechnology: Concepts and Applications Harvard University Online Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses ANTH E-175 Mesoamerican Civilizations ANTH E-177 Maya Hieroglyphic Writing BIOS E-50 Neurobiology BIOS E-105 Medical Detectives BIOS E-172 Biological Perspectives on HIV and AIDS BIOS E-235 Principles of Human Disease: Physiology and Pharmacology ENGL E-130 Shakespeare and Modern Culture ENGL E-196 American Protest Literature from Tom Paine to Tupac ENVR E-101 Environmental Management I ENVR E-109 Environmental Politics ENVR E-115 Introduction to Sustainable Development ENVR E-119 Sustainable Buildings: Design, Construction, and Operations ENVR E-120 Environmental Ethics and Land Management ENVR E-140/W Fundamentals of Ecology ENVR E-150 Life Cycle and Risk Assessment EXPO E-25, Section 4 Academic Writing and Critical Reading GOVT E-1062 Theories of Citizenship GOVT E-1775 The Modern World Economy, 1873 to 2000 HIST E-1600 Encounters: Early Modern British Exploration and Settlement in the Atlantic World HIST E-1601/W Colonial America HIST E-1825 China: Traditions and Transformations HIST E-1890 World War and Society in the Twentieth Century: World War II HIST E-1915 Africa and Africans: The Making of a Continent in the Modern World JOUR E-100 Graduate Journalism Proseminar: Writing and Reporting JOUR E-120/W Ethics and Journalism LING E-115 Introduction to Syntax MATH E-301 Math for Teaching Number Theory MUSE E-100 Introduction to Museum Studies PHIL E-123/W Classics of American Thought PSYC E-1030/W Human Development PSYC E-1091 The Cognitive Dog: Savant or Slacker PSYC E-1240 Abnormal Psychology PSYC E-1504 Positive Psychology RELI E-1015/W Comparative Religious Ethics RELI E-1027 From the Hebrew Bible to Judaism, from the Old Testament to Christianity RELI E-1076 Religion and Politics in Current "Fundamentalist" Movements STAT E-50 Introduction to Statistics [Source: Harvard University Extension School, Fall 2008 Course List. See Harvard Extension School for the latest data.] Harvard University graduate-level certificate programs Harvard University Online Certificate in Applied Sciences

  1. Can be completed entirely online
  2. Must have a regionally accredited bachelor degree
  3. Certificate courses will award Graduate-level credit
  4. Before applying for admission, must successfully complete three graduate courses through the Harvard Extension school
  5. Includes basic courses in computer science, mathematics, and physics.
  6. Many students are career changers who go on to land entry-level positions in software engineering, software testing, and customer support.

Harvard University Online Certificate in Environmental Management

  1. Can be completed entirely online
  2. Must have a regionally accredited bachelor degree
  3. Certificate courses will award Graduate-level credit
  4. Before applying for admission, must successfully complete three graduate courses through the Harvard Extension school
  5. Gain or improve environmental management skills

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 Source: Harvard University Extension School, Distance Education (2007). For more program information, or to see some sample online lectures, visit the Harvard University Extension website.

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