Top 100 Botany Blogs

Students of botany and amateur plant enthusiasts alike can take advantage of the information offered up by these bloggers. From advice on getting your garden to grow to detailed explanations of plant genetics, these blogs run the gamut from covering the issues in your backyard to those occurring in research laboratories around the world. Give them a read to help in your studies, see beautiful photographs of flora, and get advice on all aspects of plant care.


These botany themed blogs cover a wide range of issues from the latest news to information about all kinds of plants.

  1. Botanical Electronic News: Sign up for the RSS feed of this blog. You’ll get all kinds of information on the latest developments and discoveries in the world of botany.
  2. Banstead Botany Blog: This blog is a relatively new addition to the blogosphere but is already looking like a promising source of information on plant species from the region of Surrey in the UK.
  3. Plant Science Blog: From algae to using plants for fuel, this blog is chock full of information on every aspect of plant biology and study.
  4. Get Your Botany On: Challenge your botany knowledge with this blog. You can read information posts and also take quizzes to make sure you know what you should about the topic.
  5. Plants and Botany: This blogger isn’t an expert on botany, but you can learn about her experiences growing, caring for and understanding plants on this blog.
  6. Flora of the Texas Rolling Plains: Get a region-specific look at botany from the posts on this blog.
  7. Learn Plants Now!: Check out this blog to learn the basics about plant biology as well as get some tips on where to find even more information.
  8. Plant Genetic Resources News: Here you’ll find posts about the evolution of plants as well as recent research on genetic research.
  9. Agricultural Biodiversity Weblog: Learn how plants have been domesticated as well as find posts of a host of other agricultural plant issues.
  10. Berry Go Round: This isn’t a blog per se, but a blog carnival that can be a great place to find all kinds of botany blogs and posts that can be of interest.
  11. Foothills Fancies: Here you’ll find posts about plants and animals native to Colorado accompanied by beautiful photos.
  12. Plants are the Strangest People: Check out this blog for loads of information on houseplants and plants commonly used in gardens and landscaping around the nation.
  13. The Fruit Blog: Many plants produce fruit as a means of reproduction. Learn about these fruits and their breeding for agricultural products in this blog.
  14. The Voltage Gate: While not botany-exclusive, this blog is full of information on ecology, conservation and of course, plants role in those.
  15. New York, Plants and Other Stuff: This blogger is a landscape architect and horticulturist. Her blog focuses on plants she encounters in her work.


Check out these blogs to get information about botany from professors, researchers and other plant experts.

  1. Trees, Climate and People: This blog addresses some important ecological issues related to trees and their impact on world climate.
  2. Niches: This biologist maintained blog focused on the Athens, GA area.
  3. Ptyxis Ecology: John and Clare O’Reilly have training in ecology, botany, bryology, and molecular biology. Their blog focuses on the plants they encounter in their native UK.
  4. Talking Plants: Blogger Tim is the Executive Director of the Botanic Gardens Trust in Sydney and has his PhD in plant biology. His blog provides information that will interest both the expert and amateur plant enthusiast.
  5. The Phytophactor: This blog is written by a professor and academic botanist studying everything from economic botany to rainforest ecology.
  6. Vaviblog: Want to take a botanical journey? This blog allows visitors to do just that as agricultural scientist and plant lover Gary Nabhan follows in the footsteps of botanist Nikolay Ivanovich Vavilov.
  7. Further Thoughts: Check out this blog written by a biologist working in Trinidad and Tobago focusing on plants and plant ecology.
  8. Anthrome: Spencer Woodard works in the forests of Panama researching plants and other parts of local ecology to build more environmentally friendly agriculture.
  9. Biofortified: Learn from the experts on the topics of plant genetics and genetic engineering from this blog.
  10. A Plant Ecology & Physiology Literature Guide: While this blog is no longer regularly updated, it is an essential resource for students or amateurs interested in botany and looking to read the best materials out there.
  11. Genetic Maize: This blog is focused on the science behind genetically engineering agricultural plants.
  12. Invasive Species Weblog: Local ecology is often a very fragile and carefully balanced system. This blog deals with the impact of invasive plant and animal species.
  13. Nuytsia’s Playlist: Here you’ll find posts on plants and more from a conservationist, horticulturist, and botanist.


These students blog about their research and studies in botany.

  1. Moss Plants and More: This evolutionary biology PhD student shares her research on mosses in this blog.
  2. James and the Giant Corn: Blogger James is working on his PhD in plant biology at Berkeley and his blog touches on a number of plant related topics.
  3. My Growing Passion: Focused on Australia, this blog by biology student Margaret Moran focuses on issues of ecology, especially in relation to flora.
  4. The Reluctant Botanist: Xavier Goldie is a Masters student at the University of Auckland. His blog focuses on plant research for his thesis, one he never thought he’d be pursuing, hence the name of the blog.
  5. Seeds Aside: This blogger is trained in plant evolution and ecology and is actively posting about a range of plant and animal related topics.
  6. Gravity’s Rainbow: This student and researcher is exploring issues of ecology in relation to pine forests.
  7. Ecology and Participatory Democracy: Check out this blog by PhD student Timothy who’s working on research related to plant growth promoting bacteria.
  8. Science and Sensibility: While this blog isn’t exclusively focused on botany, visitors will find it to be an invaluable source of information on new research, explanations about flora and fauna and more.
  9. The World of BotanicalGirl: This blog is maintained by a graduate student in plant biology.


If you’re looking to learn more about the great variety of plants out there these blogs can give you a head start.

  1. Midoria: Learn more about plants along with this blogger who posts regularly about species they found interesting.
  2. Fruit Species: If fruit is of interest to you, you’ll love this blog that goes through numerous types of fruit and tells you all about them.
  3. Botany Blog: Here you’ll find detailed posts about a variety of species from around the world.


These bloggers focus on on the giant of botanical studies, the tree, and provide information on forests and the individual species that make them up.

  1. Exploring the World of Trees: Here you’ll find information about specific tree species, post by post.
  2. Arboreality: From forests to the trees that make them up, this blog is dedicated to covering tree issues.
  3. Ten Thousand Trees: Celebrate the wide range of tree species out there with posts and photos from this blog.
  4. Trees, If You Please: This blogger simply loves trees and you’ll find posts about all kinds, big and small, on this site.
  5. Festival of the Trees: This blog carnival is all about the trees. You’ll find great posts and blogs related to arboreal interests.
  6. Treeblog: From tree diseases to beautiful tree photographs, this tree blog explains many issues relevant to UK tree-life.
  7. Tree Notes: Here you’ll find posts on all things related to trees, especially those found in North America.
  8. Take Cover: On this blog you’ll find tree-related news from around the world.
  9. Jill and Ted’s Tree-mendous Adventure: Husband and wife Ted and Jill document the wide variety of ancient trees in the UK in their blog.
  10. C’mon Let’s Plant a Tree: Join the movement to plant more trees and green up the environment along with this blog.
  11. Creature of the Shade: This American blogger talks about trees, ecology and more while he’s calling Sydney home.


If you want to study plants in a lab or just want to enjoy their beauty, you have to get them to grow first. These blogs give some helpful tips and advice.

  1. Shoot’s Blog: Interested in growing trees? This blogger explains how it’s done, from sequoias to junipers.
  2. Horticultural: Blogger Jane is an avid gardener and writer and you can get advice and information from her site.
  3. Oberle Botanical: This blog is focused on gardening food-producing plants the natural way.
  4. Hortcurious: Check out this site to learn more about beautiful garden design.
  5. Growing with Plants: Plant geeks will love this blog that features great photos, information and commentary.
  6. Garden Rant: Keep up with the latest news in the gardening world and get some alternative perspectives from this blog.
  7. A Way to Garden: Acclaimed by readers, this blog is a great place to learn more about being a skillful gardener.
  8. Pathway Horticulture: This blog is a great place to learn more about horticulture, plants of interest and more.
  9. Landscape Juice: Those who are into landscape design will find this blog to be of particular interest.
  10. Heavy Petal: Here you’ll find posts on gardening and growing, among a variety of more personal posts.
  11. I Like Plants: This blogger is super into plants, especially growing them organically. Check out his blog to learn more about the plants he likes best.
  12. Talking Plants: Check out this NPR blog to discuss a range of gardening and growing issues.
  13. Cool Plants: This Canadian blogger, gardner and nursery worker posts photos of plants he finds interesting and worth sharing on this blog.

Climate Focused

These blogs deal with both wet and dry climates and the vastly different plants that inhabit them.

  1. Mongabay: This blog focuses on the local ecology of the Amazonian rainforest, plants and animals alike.
  2. SwampThings: Get muddy along with this blogger who posts about the plants and animals that live in the swamps of North Carolina.
  3. A Neotropical Savanna: This blogger calls Panama home and posts about the large range of plants that call the savanna home.
  4. Tropical Biodiversity: The Amazon: Learn more about the plants that make up the remarkably diverse ecosystems of the Amazon.
  5. Flowers and More: Tropical flowers and other foliage form the bulk of the photos and posts on this site.
  6. Cactus Blog: Explore the world of the cactus through the photos and information on this blog.
  7. Desertification: Humans can have a big impact on the environment and the plants that call it home. Here you can read about how some regions are becoming more arid and how this is affecting the local ecology.
  8. Soekershof: This South African garden is home to loads of desert foliage and you can read about it here.
  9. Cactus and Succulents: Learn more about the wide range of cacti and succulents that exist out there from this blog.
  10. Cactus Lover: Those who are into desert foliage will love this blog that celebrates all kinds of cacti.


See beautiful, educational and interesting photos of plants on these blogs.

  1. UBC Botany Photo of the Day: Here you can find loads of beautiful photos from the UBC Botanical Gardens, with new updates every day.
  2. Drawing on Nature: While not exactly photos, here you can see lovely drawings of flowers and other plants.
  3. Digital Flower Pictures: If you love flowers, check out this photo site. You’ll be able to see photos as well as read information about each species.
  4. Muddy Boot Dreams: This city-dwelling plant enthusiast posts photos of plants she sees around her home.
  5. Early Forest: This site aims to educate people on reforestation and features tons of detailed photos of trees.
  6. The Wooden Branch: Visitors to this site can contribute photos of trees in their area or look at the photos taken by others.
  7. Flower QT: Check out this site to find some beautiful photos of flowers and other plants.
  8. pildiblog: The text on this blog isn’t in English, but you won’t need it to enjoy beautiful photos of plants and other wildlife.
  9. Tropical Plants Photo Blogs: Whether you are interested in tropical plants for around the house or for their biological properties you’ll enjoy these photos of tropical flora.
  10. Flora Incognito: The majority of these images focus on flowers, but you’ll find an assortment of other nature photography as well.
  11. The Green Fingered Photographer: Here you’ll find photos that celebrate nature and plants.

Plant Specific

Check out these focused blogs to learn more about specific species or types of plants.

  1. The Ginkgo Pages: If you just can’t get enough of Ginkgo, bookmark this blog that is totally dedicated to it.
  2. Eucalytologics: Here you can learn more about eucalyptus cultivation around the world.
  3. Slipper Orchid Blog: Written by an orchid breeder, this blog is full of useful tips for keeping orchids in good health.
  4. Joe’s Paphs and Orchid Blog: Want to know more about orchid species for growing and learning? Check out this blog.
  5. Beautiful Bamboo: CHeck out this site to learn all about the incredible uses of bamboo, how to grow it and much more.
  6. No Seeds, No Fruits, No Flowers: No Problem: Here you’ll find tons of information and fun facts about ferns of all kinds.
  7. Blue Aquarium: Create great underwater ecosystems with advice and inspiration from this aquatic garden blog.
  8. Eucalyptus: An Open Woodland: Love your eucalyptus? So do these bloggers. Read all about it here.
  9. Aquatic Eden: See lush gardens and learn about underwater plant species from this blog.
  10. Water Garden Blog: If gardening underwater is your thing, check out this blog to see great photos and inspiration.

Botanic Gardens

Enjoy the photos and information provided by these blogs, maintained by botanical gardens around the nation.

  1. Plant Talk: Pay this blog a visit to learn more about what’s going on at the New York Botanical Garden and get some in-depth info on some of the plants they grow.
  2. UBC Botanical Garden Blog: This active blog is a great place to not only find out more about these gardens but learn more about plants in general.
  3. Denver Botanic Garden: Learn about research, get seasonal photos, find out about events and more on this Denver Botanic Garden blog.
  4. The Garden Variety: The Cleveland Botanical Garden keeps readers up-to-date with events on this blog.
  5. Lewis Ginter Botanical Garden: Check out this site to learn more about the gardens and other botanical items of interest in the local community.