School Spirit: 50 Awesome iPhone Apps for College Sports Fanatics

By Amber Hensley

College sports fanatics are a special breed known to go to extraordinary lengths to show their school spirit. Now college sports fans can use their iPhones to have some fun as well. The following apps will keep you in the loop when it comes to news, scores, stats, schedules, and more or provide you with school songs, help you make sound predictions, test your knowledge, and even play tailgate games while you warm up during the pre-game.

Football and Basketball

Whether you love football, basketball, or both, these apps will help you learn the latest scores, connect with other fans, get stats, and much more.

  1. College Basketball Live!. Not only can you get the latest information on college basketball with this app, you can also track scores on live games, connect with other fans, and even boo or cheer teams.
  2. College Football Live!. Get live play-by-play action, scores, and more for your favorite teams with this app. Just like with the basketball version, you can boo, cheer, and talk smack with other fans.
  3. Fumble U. Stay updated with the latest happenings surrounding your favorite college football team by using this app.
  4. I Love College Football 2008. Get rankings, standings, news, and much more with this app that also provides support for both the big and smaller conferences.
  5. iFanNCAAB. Get all the latest information on Men’s Division 1 basketball leading up to March Madness with this app that only costs $0.99.
  6. QB Rater. Enter your favorite quarterback’s ratings into this app, then as the game is played, tap the correct button each time a pass is made to have automatically updated season and career stats immediately.
  7. StatFix. Get daily stats for all NCAA basketball teams with this app.
  8. NCAA Basketball – InGameNow. Get scores, analysis, and fan interaction with this app that will keep you updated with all the NCAA basketball information.
  9. NCAA Football Scores. This free app provides you with all the NCAA football scores with just a simple tap.

Specific Teams and Conferences

Here’s a sampling of the many apps for specific college teams available. If you want to find out about a specific conference, those apps are available too.

  1. Go Longhorns. University of Texas fans will get the latest information, news, and scores on football, men’s and women’s basketball, and baseball with this app.
  2. UNC Hoops. Tar Heels fans will love this app that provides schedule information, game results, TV information, and news.
  3. Duke Hoops. Find game dates and times in your local time zone, TV information, news, results, and more with this app especially for Duke basketball fans.
  4. KU Hoops. Jayhawk fans can also get these same benefits to stay on top of the latest KU basketball information.
  5. iFanACC. Don’t let any of the basketball news and scores coming out of the ACC pass you by when you use this app.
  6. iFanKentucky. Get news, scores, and the schedule for the Kentucky Wildcats as well as updated top 25 national rankings.
  7. iFanLouisville. This app will keep Louisville Cardinals fans updated on the latest news and information about the basketball season.
  8. Big Ten Highlights. Get 3-minute video highlights from all the Big Ten basketball games with this free app.


You will never miss out on any college sports news with these apps.

  1. College Sports News. This app offers real-time college sports news to bring you the latest on most sports from football to lacrosse to rowing.
  2. USA Today. USA Today allows you to filter your news to receive the latest on college football and basketball or even your favorite conference.
  3. College BasketBall Live. Get the latest NCAA college basketball news from Yahoo! Sports, ESPN, and Fox Sports with this app.
  4. College Football Live. Just like the basketball version, get NCAA news from these same sources to stay on top of what’s happening in college football.

College and Pro Apps

These apps provide scores, stats, news, links, and much more for fans who love both college and professional sports.

  1. ScoreMobile iPhone Edition. While this app doesn’t focus only on college sports, it does offer scores, stats, previews, recaps, and more on pro sports and college football and basketball.
  2. Sportacular. Get scores, standings, stats, and news for both college and pro teams with this free app.
  3. InGameNow. Not only can you get live sports scores for both professional and college sports, but you can also interact with other fans.
  4. Hockey Links. Use this app to get all the hockey links in one place for both college and professional leagues.

Predictions and Friendly Wagers

If you live for your March Madness bracket or predicting the bowl games, these apps are for you. There are also apps to help you get the leading edge on your friendly wagers with your buddies.

  1. iOdds. This app provides current scores refreshed every 30 seconds for live games as well as automatic updates every five minutes to get the latest information on lines and score before, during, and after the game.
  2. iBracket – March Madness Live Score Bracket Tracker. Import your bracket from popular sports sites or create your bracket with this app, then get real-time scores to track your picks and even share with others.
  3. Pocket Bracket: March Madness. Create and manage your bracket with this app so you will be ready for March Madness the easy way.
  4. Bowl Picks ’08. Although it’s a little too late for this version, download the updated version next year to be ready to track your bowl picks with this easy-to-use app that helps you track your picks and monitor your success.
  5. Fantell. College football fans predict winners, then averages these predictions and averages them out to provide live predicted data, predicted spreads, results, and much more.

Show Your Spirit

See if your school has an app that plays school songs, supports your side of a rivalry, or just makes strange sounds to help you support your team.

  1. Ball State University Chirper. This app lets Ball State fans "chirp" at the opponents with their iPhone.
  2. Boomer. Oklahoma Sooners will love this app that plays Boomer Sooner, Oklahoma, and the OU chant.
  3. Clemson Tigers. Listen to Tiger Rag with this app. It also includes the 2008 football schedule. Hopefully they will update with new information for 2009.
  4. GigEm. Texas Aggies can use this app to play War Hymn, Noble Men of Kyle, and Spirit of Aggieland. Future releases will have features such as background options from personal images and team schedules and rosters.
  5. HookEm. Not to be left out of the Texas A&M/University of Texas rivalry, UT also has an app to show their loyalty that can play the Texas Fight song, The Yellow Rose of Texas, The Eyes of Texas, and the Texas Chant.
  6. iRivalz-BYU. Here are two apps to show your support during the big game. BYU and Utah fans can register a vote for their team by downloading the appropriate app, then tap the school logo to hear your school’s fight song. If your team exceeds 100,000 votes, iRivalz will donate to your school’s athletic scholarship fund. Choose this app for BYU.
  7. iRivalz-Utah. Here’s the companion app. Choose this app for Utah.
  8. Go Pokes. Oklahoma State University fans can show their spirit and play Ride ’em Cowboys, The Waving Song, the OSU chant, and the OSU alma mater with this app.


Test your knowledge of college sports with these trivia apps.

  1. College Football 101- Quizner’s Sports Trivia. Find out how much you know about college football trivia with this quiz. For more fun, compete against friends or play together to find the answers.
  2. College Basketball 101 – Quizner’s Trivia. If you know more about college basketball than football, then give this freshman version of the quiz a try.
  3. College Basketball 201 – Quizner’s Trivia. After you have mastered Basketball 101, move up to the more difficult trivia in this quiz that’s rated a sophomore level.
  4. Absolutely Trivial – Football. This quiz will test your knowledge on college football as well as pro football with trivia ranging from bowl games to facts about stadiums to rules and regulations.
  5. Absolutely Trivial – Basketball. Test your basketball knowledge with this app that covers college and professional basketball facts.
  6. Buckeye Classics DVD Trivia Game. If you think you know all there is about Ohio State football, get this free app and test your knowledge.


These apps offer everything from wallpapers to help finding a radio station that airs your team’s games.

  1. Create your own iPhone app at this website that will allow you to follow your favorite college sports team and even share with other fans.
  2. College Football Logos. Get your favorite team logos for your iPhone here. For $1.99 you can download four wallpapers.
  3. DaysTo Game. This straightforward app helps you count down the days until the big game.
  4. Air Ball!. Use these basketball sounds to enhance your game-watching experience.
  5. Local Radio Finder. If you like to listen to the college games on the radio and are on the road, use this app to find local radio stations. You will never miss a game on the air again.
  6. Tailgate Games. If you are too busy consuming your tailgate drinks and eats to actually participate in the tailgate games going on around you, use this app to play the same fun tailgate games on your iPhone.