100 Useful Web Tools to Help you Find Your Passion, Calling, or Career

If you’re searching for your purpose in life, there’s lots of inspiration and help to be found online. Whether you’re contemplating a career change, or just need a change of pace, be sure to check out the wealth of resources available to you on the Internet. Read on, and you’ll find 100 of the best tools and resources for finding a way to live more passionately.


These resources are great for finding inspiration in doing what you love.

  1. Pursue the Passion Career Interviews: Watch these interviews to find out what people love about their careers.
  2. DIY Yahoo! Resignation Letter: Play with this fun tool to have fun writing your resignation letter to a job you’re happy to leave.
  3. What is Your Passion: Check out this discussion, and you’ll find out what other people enjoy doing.
  4. Steve Jobs’ Commencement Address: Read or listen to this commencement address delivered by Steve Jobs to learn why it’s so important to find what you love.
  5. Case Study-Anna: Anna took a career break to run a community development project, and now works as a volunteer coordinator at a community center.
  6. Daring Tales of Corporate Escape-His and Hers Edition: Here you’ll learn all about how this husband and wife team left corporate America.
  7. Top Inspirational Authors & Speakers: Here you’ll find inspirational quotes from well respected authors and speakers.
  8. Case Study-Short career break: Brian took a month off of work to write a script as a playwright.
  9. Turning Point Coaching and Consulting: This website is full of answers for people who are searching for a change in their career.
  10. Primetime Professions: Five Shows to Watch for Career Inspiration: This resource profiles 5 shows that can inspire you to find a career you love.
  11. A List: What’s Your Favorite Career Inspiration Movie?: This article and discussion will help you find inspirational career movies.
  12. A Job Worth Having: Read this resource to learn how to get more from your work.
  13. How Did You Find Your Passion?: Check out this discussion to find out how people have gone about finding their passions in life.
  14. Career Shifters: This website will help you find advice, inspiration, and more for making a career change.
  15. Planning for a Career Break with a Sabbatical: This article offers lots of great advice for taking time off of work to further your career.


These blogs offer ongoing guidance and ideas for pursuing your calling.

  1. Pursue the Passion Career and Entrepreneurship Blog: Check out this blog about the ups and downs of pursuing passion.
  2. Zen Habits: Leo Babuta’s blog can teach you about achieving goals, finding happiness, and staying motivated.
  3. The Happiness Project: Learn about the challenge of being happier on this blog.
  4. Careerealism: This blog will help you learn more about career progress.
  5. Right Reality: Get inspired by this blog that’s out to save the corporate soul.
  6. The Lazy Way to Success: This blog discusses "smart laziness" that allows you to do less and accomplish more.
  7. Kisses & Hearts Coaching and Personal Development: On this blog, you’ll find Q&A and more on getting more out of life.
  8. Dream Jobs Dialog: This blog will help you find your dream job and yourself.
  9. Escape from Corporate America: Check out this blog to get counseling for changing your career and your life.
  10. The Anti 9 to 5 Guide: In this blog, you’ll find practical career advice for working outside of a cubicle.
  11. Steve Pavlina: Steve Pavlina’s blog is all about personal development.

Career Profiles

If you’re searching for a new job, get ideas for what you might like to do from these sites that offer career profiles.

  1. Job Profiles: Job Profiles offers a guide to careers and education to start your career.
  2. Salary Tool: You can view national and state wage information for more than 800 occupations through this tool.
  3. Career Voyages: You can find information about the skills and education required for a variety of occupations through this website.
  4. Occupational Outlook Handbook: Read about occupations that interest you in this handbook.
  5. O*NET OnLine: This website will help you explore occupational knowledge and skill requirements to see how they match up with your abilities and what you like to do.
  6. Career Guide to Industries: Find out what different industries do and what kind of jobs you can obtain within them.
  7. CareerOneStop: Through this website, you can research your career options with occupation and industry information.
  8. Occupations by Education Level and Projected Growth: Find out which jobs are suitable for your level of education, or find out what kind of jobs you might be able to get if you go back to school.
  9. Career Videos: In these videos, you can watch people work in nearly 550 occupations.
  10. Employability Checkup: Use this tool to find out the likelihood that you can get a job in a specific occupation using this tool.


Take these assessments, and you’ll be able to find out about careers and life paths that are right for you.

  1. Skills Profiler: Use this skills profiler to find occupations that fit well with the skills you already have.
  2. Color Career Counselor: You can find good career paths by following this evaluation based on color preference.
  3. Small Business Administration Test: Find out whether or not you’re cut out for starting your own business by taking this test.
  4. Skills Profiler: Using this skills profiler, you can identify your skills, and find occupations that will allow you to use them.
  5. Kiersey Temperament Sorter: Use this test to learn more about yourself and your temperament.
  6. Career Explorer: This career explorer can help you identify careers that are a good match for your personality.
  7. Work Interest Quiz: This quiz will work to determine your interests for work.
  8. Transferable Skills Survey: Thinking about starting a new career? Find out how well your current skills will translate into your new job with this survey.
  9. Career Vision Job Satisfaction Survey: This survey will help you determine if you’re following the right career or not.
  10. What career will suit your personality?: This quiz will help you choose a career that is good for your personality.
  11. The right career break for you: Take this personality quiz to figure out what kind of career break might be the best for you.
  12. Career Planner Quiz: This quiz can help you find out what’s best for you in planning your career or a job switch.
  13. Jung Typology Test: Using this test, you can find out more about your best occupations and degrees to pursue.
  14. Discover Your Passion and Purpose Test: Take this test to learn about your values, passions, and your purpose in life.
  15. Work Importance Profiler: With the help of this profiler, you can learn what’s important to you in a job.


Check out this advice to get lots of great information for finding your passion in life.

  1. How to Find Your Passion: Here you’ll find a how-to guide for finding work that you love.
  2. Dream Job Process: Read this post to learn how to find your dream job.
  3. A Novel Way to Discover Life Purpose: Jerry Loper suggests a few methods for discovering your purpose in life.
  4. How to Find Your Passion: This article has great suggestions for things you can do to find out what you love to do.
  5. How to Find Your Dream Career: With the information in this resource, you can learn how to find the right career for you.
  6. Why it might not be helpful to ask yourself, "What’s my passion?": Follow this advice to out why you might not want to ask yourself about your passion.
  7. About Passionately Soaring in Life: Read this resource from Barbara Rose to get answers to burning questions about finding your passion.
  8. Finding Your Calling: Here you’ll learn the process for finding your calling.
  9. 25 Top Tips to Kick-Start Your Career Change: Here you’ll learn 25 smart tips for restarting your career in a job you really love.
  10. How to Do What You Love: Paul Graham explains why doing what you love isn’t such a strange concept.
  11. How to Find Your Calling After Forty: Craig Nathanson’s article has great advice for those looking for a new career after forty.
  12. Are You Living Your Dreams?: Read this advice from Deborah Brown-Volkman to find out how to move past your fears and live your dreams.
  13. Cheryl Richardson: Find Your Passion: Follow Cheryl Richardson’s advice to find out what you love.
  14. How to Enjoy Your Job: This article will help you put yourself in the right mindset for enjoying your job.
  15. How to Find Your Passion: Here you’ll find instructions for finding what you love to do.
  16. How to Find Your Passion (& What You Should Be Blogging About): This post will help you find things that you’re passionate writing about.
  17. Convert Your Hobbies to Lucrative Careers: Check out this article to see how you can make something you love make you money.
  18. How to Find Your Passion for Anything: In this blog post, you’ll learn how to create passion, even for things you don’t enjoy.
  19. Passion, Inspiration, and Getting Things Done: This blog post will help you learn what you can accomplish through passion.
  20. Find Work Outside Your Major: This article will help you understand how you can launch a career that isn’t traditionally in your major.
  21. Find Your Passion Compass: David Batstone offers great advice for bringing passion into your life.
  22. How to Find Your Passion and Make it Your Career: Here you’ll find great concepts that will help you find your passion.
  23. Ask Alana: Ask Alana will help you learn how to take on a life change.


Make use of these exercises for self-exploration and life improvement.

  1. Inspiration for Your Career Break: This website will help you get ideas for planning a break in your career.
  2. Create a Personal Development Plan: With this interactive tool, you can build a plan for personal development.
  3. Discover Your Life’s Purpose e-Course: Check out Colin Salisbury’s course to move closer to discovering why you’re here.
  4. Accident or On Purpose?: Here you’ll find an exercise that will help you learn what you love to do and more.
  5. Live Your Joy Home Study Program: Follow this program to life life more joyfully.
  6. 7 Great Questions for Discovering Your Passions: Ask yourself these questions to discover and articulate your passions.
  7. Personal Development Plan: This resource offers a great way to build your own personal development plan.
  8. Act As If Your Life Were Perfect: This exercise of imagination will help you design your perfect life.
  9. Discover What You Love to Do-And Do It With Passion: This hypnosis download can help you discover your passion.
  10. How to Discover Your Life Purpose in About 20 Minutes: Follow this exercise to find your life’s purpose.
  11. If You Only Had One Wish: Try this exercise each day to find motivation and inspiration for living passionately.
  12. 7 Questions to Finding Your True Passion: Answer these questions to find your true passion.
  13. Meditation Exercise: This exercise will help you visualize how to achieve your specific goals and dreams.
  14. 6 Questions to Ask Yourself to Get the Most Out of Life: Ask yourself these questions to find out how you can get more out of life.
  15. Fee Class: Find Your Passion: Follow these lessons, and you’ll be able to learn self discovery.
  16. A Quick Path to Self-Awareness: Learn to answer the question, "Who am I?"
  17. Your Mission Makes Itself Known Through Your Passions: Accept this mission to find your life’s purpose.


Here you’ll find links to lots of great resources for making a change in your life.

  1. Taking Time Out Resources: These resources will help you take time to reflect and recharge.
  2. 23 Sources for Career Inspiration: This list of resources will help you find lots of inspiration.
  3. Career Inspiration Resources: These resources are a great way to jump start your career inspiration.
  4. Top 100 Career Change Resources: Check out this resource guide to find career tests, creativity inspiration, and job resources.
  5. Career Coaches: This site is full of resources for finding a good career coach.
  6. Career Break Links: Here you’ll find a great collection of resources for taking a break in your career.
  7. Retraining Resources: The schools in this guide offer specialization in adult learning and education.
  8. US News and World Report’s Best Careers: US News profiles a variety of careers that offer a high level of job satisfaction and strong outlooks.
  9. Starting a Business Resources: Check out this page to find lots of resources that can help you start your own business.