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Whether you are a busy executive, a single parent, a freelancer working from home, a student, or a combination of these, you have probably found yourself needing help when it comes to organizing all your thoughts and ideas that occur throughout your busy day. Now you can turn to these tools found on the Internet that will help you with tasks such as note-taking, bookmarking websites, highlighting important text during online research, creating mind maps, tracking time, keeping up with appointments, collaborating with others, managing projects, and much more.

Note-Taking and Documents

These tools will help you take notes no matter where you find yourself needing to jot something down. You will also find tools that help you create documents from your notes that you can use or share with others.

  1. Evernote. This powerful note-taking app allows you to take a photo with your phone, type in text, clip information from the Internet, use on your desktop, or use on your phone.
  2. Google Notebook. This web-based note-taking app also has access to Google search capabilities, Google Bookmarks, a rich-text editor, and labels.
  3. Zoho Notebook. This app is a powerhouse with capabilities for integrating audio, video, html, urls, files, and much more. Tools include line, text, freehand, and shapes.
  4. UberNote. Another web-based app, UberNote allows you to email or IM notes, bookmark, and access from your desktop or your mobile phone.
  5. WebAsyst Notes. Create notes and then organize them in folders, share with others, or access other services such as photo storage, manage projects, and more.
  6. Notefish. Save web content on Notefish notes, then organize and share your notes as you like.
  7. Luminotes. Described as a personal wiki notebook, this note-taking app lets you create notes, link them together, and stay organized in an easy-to-use format.
  8. FruitNotes. This online notebook offers features such as calling from your phone and leaving voice notes, uploading photos and videos, and online sharing.
  9. Wridea. Write down what you need to remember, then edit, categorize, and even share your notes with others.
  10. Net Notes. This Firefox add-on allows you to save notes on websites into your bookmarks.
  11. Springnote. This note-taking and collaboration tool allows you to take notes on your own or work with others to create a group notebook.
  12. Writeboard. Create shareable online text documents with this tool that also integrates with Backpack.
  13. Jott. For those too busy to do anything but leave a message, Jott is the answer to note-taking. Call a number to leave yourself a note, add an appointment to your calendar, and even have your voice mail transcribed.
  14. Qipit. Take a photo of any document with your phone, then use this tool to convert it to a PDF file that you can fax, email, or store.


Whether you are doing online research or like to keep your Internet hobbies organized, these bookmarking tools will help you keep everything in order and easy to find.

  1. This popular bookmarking site allows you to save favorite sites, add notes to yourself that you can also share with others, and browse other peoples’ bookmarks to find similar content.
  2. Reddit. Not only can you bookmark your favorite sites here, but users can vote on sites and watch whether they are going up or down in popularity.
  3. Digg. Users can vote and comment on their favorite (or not so favorite) sites here, or you can just easily bookmark your favorites.
  4. StumbleUpon. Part bookmarking site and part highly-customizable search engine, StumbleUpon offers sites that meet your selected criteria that you can choose to bookmark or not.
  5. PurpleBunny. Bookmark, comment on sites, share with others, read what other users have to say, and even discuss web sites.
  6. Fleck. Keep all your bookmarks in one place and share with friends. Choose between Original or Lite–which provides shortened urls for sharing on Twitter.
  7. Snip!t. Snip sections of webpages you want to remember and add them to your bookmarks. You can even make notes on them.
  8. Digital Notes. Download this open source software to access social bookmarking where you and your friends can discuss websites on a shared note.
  9. Clipmarks. With this bookmarking tool you can select a portion of a webpage–including text, video, or image–and save it.
  10. iFaves. Get your bookmarks organized by the ones you most visited or tags you assign so that you never lose track of those important bookmarks again.
  11. Tip’d Financial News. Like Digg, but for personal finance and investing topics.

Mind Mapping

A popular way to make sense of all those thoughts and ideas floating around in your head is through mind mapping. These tools will help you get everything together in an organized and coherent manner.

  1. Kayuda. Whether you want to record your own thoughts or are trying to organize a brainstorming session at work, Kayuda helps you get everything together.
  2. FreeMind. This mind-mapping software helps you keep track of projects, organize research, brainstorm, or just keep up with random bits of knowledge that you want to keep in one place.
  3. yWriter5. Not truly a mind-mapping tool, this app does help organize in a unique way. Novel writers or anyone else working on large written projects can easily organize chunks of writing with this tool.
  4. VUE. Created at Tufts University, this mind mapping tool is designed to help those specifically for teaching, learning, and research.
  5. Cmap Tools. Create concept maps with this mind mapping tool designed specifically for academic research.
  6. WiseMapping. Create free mind maps with this tool, then share yours or browse other people’s mind maps.
  7. Start brainstorming with this simple online tool that creates bubbles and connects your ideas.
  8. Mindomo. This web-based mind mapping tool will have you organized and thinking clearly.
  9. Gliffy. Create flowcharts for a project or use this tool to help organize your ideas and steps to complete your projects.
  10. Mapul. Easily create organic-looking mind maps with this tool.
  11. View Your Mind. This mind mapping tool allows you to "generate and manipulate maps which show your thoughts."

Personal Wikis

Wikis can easily keep organizations, groups, and companies connected and working together. Additionally, many people are discovering the ease of using a personal wiki to write and keep their notes organized, then post to websites, print, or email your notes with these tools. Check out some of these wikis to help keep you organized.

  1. PBwiki. Group collaboration or personal wikis are available with this popular wiki platform.
  2. Wetpaint. Create your own website wiki very easily and then choose if you want others to be able to edit it or if you want to keep it just for yourself.
  3. TiddlyWiki. Use this personal wiki for note-taking, a collaboration tool, creating websites, and whatever else you can think of when it comes to organization.
  4. GTDTiddlyWiki. Based on TiddlyWiki, this app focuses specifically on your GTD lists and easily allows printing directly to 3×5 cards for HipsterPDA use.
  5. Wiki on a Stick. This personal wiki is made to live on a USB stick and allows for easy compilation of to-do lists, notes, and even storing images.
  6. doxWiki. Use this personal wiki to keep personal notes and other information that can be uploaded to a website, printed, or emailed.
  7. MoinMoin DesktopEdition. Use this smaller version of the MoinMoin wiki as a personal wiki that is easy to set up and use.
  8. Pimki. This Personal Information Manager is a great place to keep all the thoughts in your head someplace where you can organize, access, and never forget again.
  9. Tomboy. This app for Linux and Unix allows for easy note-taking, highlighting, spell-checking, emailing, and more.
  10. wikidPad. A wiki notebook for storing your thoughts, this app automatically keeps ideas together using WikiWord linking so that you can always find what you need.
  11. ZuluPad. Not only is ZuluPad easy to use and install, there is a free version as well as a pro version for a fee if you need to upgrade.

Highlighters and Sticky Notes

If you have a computer covered in sticky notes or ever go back to a website and can’t find the information you needed, then these tools will help you keep you organized. From highlighters for websites you can bookmark or email to virtual sticky notes that you can place on your desktop, email, or keep on websites, you will never lose a thought or idea again.

  1. Diigo. Highlight passages on web pages, add sticky notes, and share with friends with this app that is accessible through both your PC and iPhone.
  2. WebNotes. Highlight text and attach notes to web pages, create notes in folders, and even share your notes with others with this app.
  3. MyStickies. This Firefox add-on allows you to add sticky notes to web pages and organize them with tags.
  4. Wired-Marker. Permanently highlight sections of websites so that each time you visit that site you know exactly to which section you want to refer. Your selection is automatically bookmarked for easy reference.
  5. twitterlites. Highlight pieces from the Internet and Twitter them with this highlighting tool.
  6. Wizlite. Use this tool to highlight any text online and even share with others.
  7. Stickies. Create virtual sticky notes on your computer desktop with this tool. Just like real stickies, they stay there until you remove them, but unlike the real thing, these can be iconified, remind you of tasks, and even emailed.
  8. Jotcloud. Similar to Stickies, but with fewer functions, you can write down your notes on virtual stickies with this tool. No download is necessary.
  9. PinNotes. Another sticky note app, this one also allows for adding pictures, time and date, and more.

To-Do Lists

Long gone are the days of hand-written scraps of paper lost on the grocery store aisle. These super organized to-do lists will always be available and even reach out to remind you of what you need to do.

  1. Remember the Milk. This popular to-do list keeps your tasks organized, reminds you when something is due, integrates into Google Calendar, and even works on your iPhone.
  2. Toodledo. Not only can you keep a to-do list here, but Toodledo offers a feature that analyzes your dates, priorities, and time estimates to create a schedule for you to ensure everything gets done.
  3. Ta-da Lists. Sign up quickly and be using this simple online to-do list in a matter of seconds.
  4. 43 Things. Here’s a different twist on to-do lists. Publish your to-do list to the community and keep yourself accountable for getting your tasks finished.
  5. Bla-bla List. For a simple to-do list, use this tool. You can also email it to yourself or update others via RSS feed.
  6. HassleMe. An interactive to-do list, if you let this app know about how often you want to be hassled and what you need to do and you’ll receive an email reminder.
  7. My 50. This tool will help you keep focused on your life goals by managing your list of places to go, things to do, and anything else you want to do in your lifetime.
  8. bitBomb. Set up reminders that will come to your mobile phone as a text message with this tool.


Working with others means managing the thoughts and ideas of more than just yourself. Don’t go crazy trying to keep up with everything; instead, use these collaboration tools to keep connected, share ideas, and work together on projects successfully.

  1. Backpack. Whether you are working with fellow students or in a professional setting, Backpack allows for easy collaboration with features such as shared to-do lists, announcements, calendars, files, and even centralized discussions.
  2. Basecamp. Basecamp makes project collaboration easy and smooth. Share files, track time, schedule milestones, assign projects, make to-do lists and more.
  3. Highrise. If your business need a tool to manage your contacts, leads, and on-going deals, Highrise offers a centralized way to share everything happening at your company.
  4. writewith. For writing projects, this app keeps everyone together with shared documents and tasks, discussions, and more.
  5. iLeonardo. This social network allows you to collaborate on research with friends or others who happen to be working on the same subject you are.
  6. LooseStitch. Create outlines, share with others, and keep all your changes together with this tool that helps facilitate brainstorming and working together.
  7. Famundo. Families and organizations alike will find useful ways to use Famundo to keep calendars, to-do lists, shopping lists, share photos, and communicate in one place.
  8. Thinkfree. The free services with this app include document creation and sharing, file access and sharing, collaboration with colleagues, blogging, and iPhone access. Other services for a fee include server access, complete mobile access, and an alternative to MS Office.
  9. Pidgin. Download this tool so you can IM with anyone on 16 different IM accounts.
  10. MeetWithApproval. Plan a virtual meeting with coworkers or clients or organize a face-to-face using this meeting planner.
  11. Thinkature. Collaborate, organize your thoughts and research, and prepare your paper or project with this tool.
  12. ProBoards. Create a discussion board easily and quickly so you can collaborate. You can also leave the discussion for others to access as well.
  13. ThinkFold. If you have a group working together, it can get confusing and messy trying to track everyone’s ideas. ThinkFold allows groups to create interactive, real-time outlines without all the trouble.


Online calendars are a great way to stay organized and ensure you never miss another appointment, birthday, or happy hour again.

  1. Google Calendar. This powerful calendar allows you to track events, set reminders, share with others, and even easily import appointments straight from Gmail.
  2. 30 Boxes. This online calendar keeps you organized and connected with friends at the same time with its simple design and ease of use.
  3. Jotlet. Create an online calendar and share it with friends, family, or coworkers with this tool.
  4. WhichTime. Download this free calendar to keep up with your life. Widgets are also available to customize it.
  5. Scrybe. This online organizer includes a calendar, to-do list, and more. Private beta is by invitation only or you can sign up to be notified when registration goes public.
  6. Trumba. If you need a super powerful calendar like those used by newspapers, TV stations, and universities, Trumba offers that type of connection. Try this calendar for 30 days before deciding to purchase it.
  7. Yahoo! Calendar. This popular calendar helps you keep up with events and appointments and also has a contact list, note pad, and access your Yahoo! email.
  8. MyHomePoint. Designed specifically for families, this calendar tracks everyone’s schedules and appointments, sends reminders, and has a place for everyone to share notes.

Time Trackers

Whether you want to keep track of the time you work at home or for billable hours or if you need to limit your web browsing in order to keep on task, these time trackers are invaluable tools to keep yourself organized and focused.

  1. Harvest. Track your work time, log expenses, and invoice clients with this powerful and intuitive tool that has different versions for different business needs.
  2. SlimTimer. If you work from home, this tool will help you track your hours, create tasks, and run reports for free.
  3. Toggl. This time management tool not only tracks time and creates invoices, it integrates with Basecamp and offers desktop widgets and an iGoogle gadget.
  4. Time Tracker. This Firefox add-on times your browsing sessions and allows you to set up "work" sites that do not count as unproductive browsing time.
  5. Wakoopa. Track the time you spend using various apps and create visibly pleasing graphs to quickly understand your usage.
  6. RescueTime. Like Wakoopa, this tool will track your usage, but unlike Wakoopa, you can set limits to where you browse and will receive reminders when you have run out of time.

General Organizers and Task Managers

Whether you want to keep your ongoing projects organized, need scheduling help, want an easy way to share with others, or just need to have your important stuff all together in one place, then these organizers and task managers will help you get the job done.

  1. HiTask. This web-based task management app provides for easy scheduling, organizing, assigning, and sharing of tasks.
  2. Nozbe. Get things done with this application that allows you to keep to-do lists, manage projects and tasks, get reminders, share with others, and even access from your mobile phone.
  3. TreePad Lite. This personal database provides a place for you to store notes, emails, texts, links, and more in an easy-to-organize and accessible format.
  4. Todoist. With a simple interface, integration with Gmail, mobile access, and a built-in calendar, your tasks will be easily managed with Todoist.
  5. mecanbe. Set goals, tasks, have performance evaluations, measure progress, and get support if you aren’t already part of a group with this tool that helps you organize and achieve your goals.
  6. iGoogle. Google users can personalize their homepage with Gmail, news, Google Calendar, weather, photos, Google Reader, and more to keep your important information in one central place.
  7. Pageflakes. For those who don’t use Google, Pageflakes works similarly to iGoogle and allows you to customize your homepage with all the helpful apps you need to keep your life in order.
  8. Notely. Specifically designed for students, Notely provides tools such as note-taking, scheduler, homework planner, a calendar, and more.
  9. Joe’s Goals. This simple chart allows you to input your goals or tasks, then you check off each you complete daily.
100 Terrific Web Tools for Meeting Your Personal and Career Goals Thu, 11 Dec 2008 12:44:59 +0000 The Internet is a wonderful resource for meeting goals and is full of a variety of web tools that can help you complete your achievements. Whether you want to increase your net worth, lose weight, or start a great career, there’s a web tool out there for you. Read on to find 100 tools for your career, personal life and beyond.


Here you’ll find goal trackers, progress tools, and more.

  1. Goal Setting Tool: Use this simple work sheet to create goals and achieve them.
  2. The Goals Grid: The Goals Grid will make it easy for you to make sense of your goals and objectives.
  3. Joe’s Goals: Use this free online habit tracker to create both positive and negative tools in a really simple format.
  4. MyProgress: With this tool, you’ll be able to track and analyze your productivity, wealth, and more in comparison to others.
  5. eLifePlans: Set goals, get coaching, and accountability with this goal program.
  6. Goalsetting1: Goalsetting1 offers graphs that will tabulate your progress toward specific goals.
  7. My Life Changes: With My Life Changes, you can track habitual life goals according to your values.
  8. GoalsOnTrack: Get things done and view your progress through this goal tracking tool.
  9. Google Analytics: Google Analytics will help you set goals for your website.
  10. iijournal: Use this journal as a goal tracking and motiving tool.
  11. 8goals: Add your goals and update your percentage of completion to your goals with this tool.
  12. eLifeList: Create goals for your life, organizing them in sublists and sharing them with family and friends.


Join these web communities to get support for completing your goals.

  1. 43Things: This community tool will allow you to list your goals while sharing them with the community and finding support from others.
  2. LifeTango: Embrace your someday in this community of goal sharers.
  3. GoalsTogether: This community will help you define and achieve your goals.
  4. lifemetric: This social experiment will track your mood, stress, and more, and allow you to see the factors of others as well.
  5. SuperViva: Using SuperViva, you’ll be able to create a life list to share with the community.
  6. Goalamigo: Create, track, and achieve your goals in this supportive goal based community.

Tasks & Reminders

These tools will help you stay on the ball with your goals.

  1. Remember the Milk: Use Remember the Milk to keep track of the many steps you’ll need to take in order to complete your goals, and sort them in their own individual tabs.
  2. myGoals: myGoals will help you set goals, then send you email reminders to let you know when you need to be working on a specific task.
  3. Vitalist: With Vitalist, you’ll get a to do list that’s really easy to use.
  4. Jott: With its ability to take voice transcription and its integration with many popular web apps, Jott will make it easy for you to remember and keep track of your goal tasks on the go.
  5. Todoist: Todoist is a to do list that integrates with your calendar, offers hierarchies, and a lot more.
  6. 43 Actions: This web based iPhone tool will help you keep your goal tasks organized wherever you are.
  7. Keepup: Get handy reminders from this service that will help you stay on track with your goals.
  8. Ta-da List: Create your to dos for your goals, and even share them with others using this tool.


By making use of these tools, you can work to meet financial goals.

  1. Saving for a Goal: If you’re saving for a car, vacation, house or another goal, you can use this tool to determine what you’ll need to contribute each month to reach the level you’re looking for.
  2. billster: Find out exactly how much you spend and where with this financial service.
  3. Wesabe: Use Wesabe to track and manage your finances in a supportive and educational community.
  4. Geezeo: With Geezeo’s tools, you can get out of debt, plan for retirement, and more.
  5. DimeWise: Using DimeWise, you’ll be able to track your transactions and expenses, even those that occur in the future.
  6. Mint: This financial web tool will stay on top of your finances, and give you updates and warnings when things aren’t going right.
  7. Moneytrackin’: Find out how your money is spent, keep track of expenses, and perform accounting with Moneytrackin’.
  8. NetworthIQ: Monitor your net worth and share it publicly with NetworthIQ.
  9. Just Budget: Use this free online web app to manage your budget in a really simple way.

Productivity & Time Management

Use these tools to meet your goals relating to productivity and time management.

  1. 30 Boxes: Get things done and remember all of your important dates by using the 30 Boxes online calendar.
  2. Backpack: Use Backpack to keep all of your important lists and plans in one handy and accessible spot.
  3. iGTD: Mac users can put this productivity tool to work to make sure you get all of the tasks required for your goals completed.
  4. Time Management Tool: This time management tool is designed for college students, but offers a helpful guide for anyone who wants to improve productivity.
  5. Google Calendar: Stay on top of your appointments and important dates by using this web based, shareable calendar from Google.
  6. Time Tracker: Use Time Tracker, and you’ll be able to find out exactly where all of your time goes.

Environment & Social Change

These tools will help you be more environmentally and socially friendly to the world.

  1. Care2: Care2 will help you get organized with groups, donations, and petitions for issues that make a difference.
  2. Find Your 100 Miles: With this tool you can find out exactly what your 100 mile radius is, so that you can eat food and support products within that radius.
  3. Do the Green Thing: This tool, which includes a Facebook app, will give you simple actions to be a little more environmentally friendly.
  4. Personal Emissions Calculator: Use this tool from the EPA to learn about your personal emissions level, and what you can do to make that level smaller.
  5. Big Green Challenge: This tool for Facebook will encourage you to challenge yourself and your friends to be more environmentally friendly.
  6. Widgetbox: This tool has a paper calculator that will help you figure out the environmental impact of a print job such as business cards.
  7. Farm Locator: You can get your hands on fresh, local produce by using this farm locator.
  8. World Wildlife Fund calculator: Learn about your impact through food, work, transportation and more with WWF’s tool.
  9. Vehicle Eco Calculator: This calculator takes into account your fuel efficiency, carbon impact and more to tell you how eco-heavy your vehicle is.
  10. Low Impact Living: With this home calculator, you can estimate the carbon footprint of your house.
  11. Home Energy Saver: Use this energy audit tool to find out where your home can be made more efficient.
  12. Eat Well Guide: This tool provides the information you’ll need to eat well while eating local.
  13. TerraPass: Make your travel a little more green with this tool that allows you to purchase carbon offsets.
  14. EcoImpact: This calculator will help you learn the eco-footprint of a number of different activities in your home, office, and more.
  15. Water Filter Comparison: Compare the footprint of a home filtration system to bottled water to find out how much your carbon footprint can be reduced by using tap water.


Make use of these web tools to meet your educational goals.

  1. Mango Languages: Mango Languages will help you learn a foreign language online.
  2. Dojo Learning: Dojo Learning is an awesome social courseware service that will help you learn more effectively.
  3. NanoLearning: Using this tool, you can learn a little bit at a time.
  4. BrainTune: BrainTune will make it easy for you to learn new information really rapidly.
  5. SocialDecks: Get quick learning with this flashcard education program.
  6. eNotes: With this site’s tools, you can get study guides, lesson plans, and more.
  7. Nuvvo: With Nuvvo, you’ll have a free and easy way to take or create online courses.
  8. Mathway: Get help finding answers to your math problems with this tool.
  9. qoolsqool: This tool is full of online courses, tutorials, and other educational resources.


These tools will help you lose weight, eat better, and push you to exercise more.

  1. SparkPeople: Join this community of health minded people to help reach your health goals.
  2. RunFatBoy: Use this service to get workouts that are based on your weight and customizable.
  3. MyFoodDiary: Follow MyFoodDiary to find an exercise log, diary, charts, and more.
  4. We Endure: We Endure is a social training log that will help you track your progress in enduring sports, and compare yourself to others.
  5. WOMAN Activity Tracker: Make use of this tracker to stay on top of your level of activity.
  6. iTrainHarder: Get tracking and planning for nutrition and fitness from this web tool.
  7. FitDay: FitDay is a fully featured diet and weight loss journal that will help you track your calories, workouts, weight loss, and more.
  8. SugarStats: With SugarStats, you can have a simple and convenient way to control diabetes.
  9. traineo: Get motivation to be healthier from family and friends by using this tool.
  10. PEERtrainer: Find weight loss and fitness support from this community.
  11. Skinnyr: Keep yourself accountable with this graph that you can share on your blog, social networking sites, and more.
  12. Weight Circles: Learn about healthy habits from the helpful people in this community.
  13. Gimme20: Using Gimme20, you’ll be able to get tracking for your weight and fitness, as well as a community of support.


With these tools, you can set and meet goals for your salary.

  1. PayScale: Check out PayScale to compare your earnings with others in similar arrangements to yours.
  2. Make use of’s salary wizard to find out what you’re worth.
  3. SalaryExpert: On SalaryExpert, you can find out salary survey data, comparisons, and more.


Use self assessment tools to find out what is best for you and what’s up ahead.

  1. Jung Typology Test: This Myers-Briggs test will help you learn about your personality type.
  2. CareerMaze: Use this career assessment tool to find out about the careers that are best for you.
  3. Career Values Tool: This tool will help you assess what’s important to you in a career.
  4. Kiersey: Using the Kiersey Temperament Sorter, you can get insights into your personality.
  5. Similar Minds: Use this site’s many testing tools, including a Facebook app, to find out more about yourself.
  6. offers the MAPP test, which will help you learn about your ideal job categories and discover career fulfillment.
  7. AdvisorTeam: Take the Kiersey Temperament Sorter II through

Networking & Relationships

Make use of these tools to meet new people and strengthen relationships.

  1. LinkedIn: Get connected with professionals in your network through LinkedIn.
  2. Big Contacts: Use Big Contacts to keep notes, remember conversations, and more with your contacts.
  3. Biznik: Business owners can network with other entrepreneurs through this tool.
  4. High Rise: High Rise offers contact management with lots of intuitive features.

Job Hunting

With these web tools, you’ll be able to meet your goal of landing a great job.

  1. VirtualJobCoach: This tool will function as your personal job search assistant, offering a to do list, networking contact database, job listing delivery, and more.
  2. JibberJobber: Use this job search and relationship manager to make networking and finding a job a breeze.
  3. Worksolver: Get help with networking, contacts, and job hunting tracking using Worksolver.

Home & Family

Use these web tools to meet goals at home and within your family.

  1. Chore Buster: Chore Buster makes it easy to organize your chores and distribute them evenly among your household.
  2. Family Goal Checklist: Use this quiz to help determine whether or not your family goals are within reach.
  3. MyHeritage: Get networked with your family members using My Heritate.
  4. Chore Wars: Turn chores into a competitive game that bases chore completion on a points system.
  5. Amiglia: Use Amiglia to build a family tree and connect with your family.