Online education – Online College Blog and School Reviews Wed, 26 Jul 2017 18:10:05 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Online English Degrees – What’s in a name? Mon, 04 Aug 2008 17:58:17 +0000 Searching online degree programs can be an overwhelming process. There are so many variables to consider, and innumerable options to weigh. Maybe you’ve thought about English as a possible degree path, but aren’t sure it’s the best educational investment. If you’re considering an online degree in English, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you passionate about novels?
  • Do you enjoy exploring themes with your book club, or starting a great political debate over dinner?
  • Do you like to discuss what you read in magazines and newspapers?
  • Do you love to write poetry?
  • Do you keep a diary?
  • Are you the person your family and friends count on to relay news via email, cards and letters?

If you answered yes to any of the above, you’re obviously someone who appreciates the art of communication. Even though all of these examples are fun activities, it’s important to recognize that reading, writing and discussing your thoughts aren’t just simple pastimes. In fact, most employers are clamoring to find these exact abilities in prospective hires. The best way to demonstrate and build on these natural strengths, particularly for those who need to juggle work and family life, is through an online English degree.

In the last twenty years, opportunities for English majors have grown to include a variety of careers. Online English degree programs can prepare students for any number of fields, including journalism, law, business, teaching, politics, grant writing, freelance writing, editing or publishing. More and more students are discovering that a BA or MA in English – sometimes mistakenly pegged as a “traditional” degree, without modern day applicability – is the most versatile and marketable tool they can carry in confronting a tight job market. Why is that?

Most careers are going to require some element of job-specific training. For example, a project manager who transfers from one company to another is still going to need some orientation and detailed direction. Employers know this, and anticipate the standard learning curve. What they don’t expect (although they often encounter it), is having to tackle fundamental deficiencies in critical thinking and analysis. Businesses don’t have the time or the inclination to remediate employees’ reading/writing comprehension skills – the kind of basic, question and answer functionality that is required every day, in every field. English majors are already fluent in these respects. They’re armed with the high level processing skills that are needed for challenges that can’t be anticipated.

If you need more incentive to select the online college route, consider the fact that the English major, more than most, readily lends itself to the framework of online education. Online English degrees are an apt extension of traditional classroom studies because the nature of online courses – usually conducted via programs like Blackboard – is implicitly dialogic and dialectic. That means that students are directly challenging each other, composing organized arguments that address specific points. Group work and individual research build students’ knowledge; their postings and presentations ensure they can convey that knowledge. Through class “discussion,” students exchange points and opinions freely, while simultaneously learning to translate their thoughts into coherent, written form. However fundamental all of this may sound, a surprising percentage of the workforce struggles with communicatory tasks, resulting in muddy project reports, misunderstood memos, and overall inefficiency.

Keep in mind that natural strengths are what solid careers are built on. Don’t dismiss your talents just because they’re things that you enjoy. You can make money doing what you love. With an online degree in English, you will get the attention of supervisors and hiring managers while leveraging your most powerful asset – genuine enthusiasm.

Tech-savvy programs: Online MBA Thu, 24 Apr 2008 13:52:22 +0000 So you’ve done all your homework, so to speak. An you’re making the grade. You cruised through college, graduated, have a great job with the perfect company and everyone you know is very proud of your accomplishments. But … one of a couple of future paths become clearer to you now. You want more, and you’re willing to work hard for it, as you have in the past. Or, that next rung on the corporate ladder has a little bit of extra height to it. Maybe your supervisor at work has even spoken to you about your education options going forward. Now is the time to take action. No time like the present right?

The world of online education has been striving to meet the added educational demands of today’s “go get ‘em” work force for the past many years at an astounding pace. Literally hundreds of online colleges and universities have sprung up in the digital marketplace, not to mention the addition of online degrees offered by traditional “brick and mortar” institutions. Each online school adding more online degrees from broad to specific and technical disciplines to their portfolio of online programs.

One such highly sought after and competitive specialization these days is an online business degree. Most corporate environments place a premium on the attainment of a master’s such as an MBA degree. Earning an MBA online, or at least finding the right information about the programs and enrolling, could not be easier. The information, in abundance, is just a mouse click away. Finishing that degree and all the hard work associated with it is up to you. But you already know that, because you have worked hard and you know what it takes to succeed. As was said before, there’s no time like the present.

An online MBA, its course work, it’s demands are the same as you would find in a traditional setting, but, with several major advantages. One being the convenience of being able to complete a majority of your work at home is priceless. For those deeply rooted in a career and have an established family at home, you’re time is precious. Being able to be near your family while attending online classes in the next room is a huge peace of mind to both your partner as well as your children who demand to see as much of you as possible.

An online MBA degree is still a major undertaking, but the advantage of being able to know that the choices you have made career-wise and family-wise after college, can now be maximized. With an online degree program you can set your sights even higher.

For those not currently in the business word or having started some college in a different field, beginning an online business administration degree is a smart and well advised decision. This foundation will certainly set you on your way, and who knows … several years down the road, you too will be ready to take that next step, and begin your online MBA. In either case, a business degree could not be a better decision. Now all you have to do is your homework on which one and from which school.

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Online College & Distance Learning … What’s it All About? Sun, 06 Apr 2008 00:22:01 +0000 “I don’t like the idea of racing out of work to try to beat traffic to try to be on time to a class that only lasts an hour,” says Alex, an information technology professional who is currently attending an online college to earn his associate’s degree.

Taking a class means having to sit in a classroom from one to three hours (not including travel time to and from campus). College courses can be a burden for some students, simply because it prevents them from accomplishing other things in their lives.

Education is an important goal shared by many people, but scheduled class times may be too inconvenient for some. Parents, members of the military, and working adults typically have difficulty committing to an inflexible class schedule.

Today’s affordable and accessible technology allows those non-traditional students the ability to take college classes in a more convenient, flexible format. Distance learning has provided millions of students with a way to get an education while raising a family, being deployed, and working.

61.3 percent of all colleges and universities in the United States provide distance learning to their students. What is distance learning? It is a phrase meaning that students can take a college course without having to physically be in a classroom. Their attendance is monitored over discussion boards, threaded discussions, and e-mails; it’s all done over the Internet.

The concept of taking a class over the Internet is hard to understand for some. Is it possible to have as good an online education experience compared to the more traditional on-campus experience? For most adult students who have taken courses online, the experience has been more than good. “The … advantage of being in a distance learning forum is having access to fellow students, teachers and distance learning experts in general. Whenever you have a question, all you have to do is ask,” says Abner, a devoted husband and student (currently working on his MBA degree online).

Over 3.5 million students were enrolled in at least one online course during the fall of 2006, as reported by the Sloan Consortium. As the popularity of distance learning programs continues to build, prospective students can expect to gain more familiarity about them. Many universities have made their classes available for free over the Internet in the form of videos (as is the case with Yale University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology), while others are delivering their courses online and charging regular tuition for their online degrees (as is the case with Harvard Extension School of Harvard University, Boston University, etc.).

Attaining the appropriate education can be time intensive, but many are turning to online education to begin a new or enhance their current career. If you are unfamiliar with distance learning, but would like to learn more about it, please go to and click on the “Articles and Resources” tab. is one resource offering a comprehensive list of accredited, online graduate degree programs. The site’s searchable database allows people to compare different programs to find the perfect fit for their individual needs. Visit today for more information.

Graduate degrees: Earning your Online Masters in Nursing Sun, 18 Nov 2007 00:12:29 +0000 Earning a masters degree online today is a great convenience to both your work day schedule as well as your family and loved ones. You are more than likely a major contributor to the structure of your family, and if you are married with children, that demand is even more necessary.

There are more colleges and universities involved in online education than ever before. That would make perfect sense, as most institutions have only recently embraced online education after the verdict has been returned by those institutions with a resounding confident yes. Online degree programs have firmly established their place in the education landscape. As more and more graduates meet the demands of their chosen field after graduation and succeed and exceed, the powers-that-be have taken notice.

CEO’s, supervisors and hiring managers alike have given their resounding approval of the quality of graduates and the competency they display under the demands of their work.

An online masters degree, is just one such degree that more and more working adults are turning their attention to after being confronted with both work and life events that require them to advance their education in order to advance their position ad salary earning potential. Of the many quickly growing fields due to the advances in the quality of online education is the field of nursing. The convenience of time probably plays the biggest roll in this type of degree attaining such growth. The majority of candidates, being women, and more than likely having children at home has made earning an online masters in nursing such a prudent decision and a such highly valued degree.

Online graduate degrees are by far and away, the leader in the three degree race between, Associates, bachelors and masters degrees. Why? Because the format of online education matches online students to a “T”. Age, career level, and prior education level are all logical markers of a collegiate graduate who is now seeking the next level. Family status and geographic availability are sometimes the defining elements that help steer a potential student towards an online degree program. In the end, it just makes sense.

More and more colleges and universities are growing their online programs and creating online classes to meet the need of people that have the defining elements of the ideal online student. Ultimately, dedication to the course work and discipline to adhere to the structure and time demands of the program determine the success, but for many students… where there’s a will, there’s now an online way. is one resource offering a comprehensive list of accredited, online graduate degree programs in marriage and family therapy, mental health counseling and human services. The site’s searchable database allows people to compare different programs to find the perfect fit for their individual needs. Visit today for more information.

Online Masters & Graduate Degrees: What’s Your Next Step? Sat, 17 Nov 2007 22:37:43 +0000 Adults in the working world are faced with many challenges as they advance their careers. Finding the right job, or more importantly, choosing the career path that suits them best is probably the most challenging. As most graduates of traditional colleges and universities find, the first several years immersed in the workforce after graduation are the years in which they discover if the career the sought going into college, is really the ideal career for the remainder of their working lives. Those who do find that they made the best choice will ultimately come to a crossroads in their development. Do I take the next step and pursue a graduate degree?

Fortunately, the online education field is meeting these striving adults at the moment they are making these important, life-changing decisions. It is meeting them at their desks or in their living rooms and in the local coffee house. A detailed and thorough investigation of online graduate programs is available at their fingertips. The number of online colleges and online universities eagerly seeking out these hungry learners is increasing daily. The number of graduate programs and online degrees these institutions are offering is growing at an equal, if not faster pace. And more and more, an online degree from an accredited online college is gaining the respect it has always deserved. The dedication required to complete an online degree is reflected back to these achievers in the respect they gain from not only their coworkers and employers, but their families and friends as well.

Online masters degrees have been at the forefront of online education from its inception, due in large part to the fact that a majority of online learners see the best fit for online courses as a means to advance the degree they have already achieved. And their working lives demand a different type of education experience.

Earning a masters degree online is every bit as demanding as a graduate degree earned in a traditional setting, with the added benefit of convenience. For those working in fields with a high percentage of relocation or travel such as the military or a demanding sales position, the “portable” aspect of the online classroom is a big plus. Not only that, but many degree programs, if needed can be suspended and restarted should an unforeseen interruption take place. And getting back into the online “swing of things” is all the easier because most programs have semester schedules that are geared to the working adult. They can either be more frequent, or even in some cases longer, allowing a relaxed and steady pace to achieving these online graduate degrees.

Picture yourself earning an online masters in nursing, or engineering, or tackling an online MBA and making a charge up the corporate ladder. It all depends on your determination to take ownership of your future, recognizing your talents and going for it.