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  • University of Pennsylvania is located near the Center of Philadelphia in the neighborhood known as “University City”
  • Ranks among the Top 10 universities in US News & World Report
  • About 10,000 undergrad students: 10,000 more in graduate and professional schools
  • The Wharton School of Business is part of UPENN, noted as one of the top three business schools in the country

About the

University of Pennsylvania

For anyone who has ever lived in Philadelphia, the University City district is well known. With several colleges and universities all within walking distance, a large portion of the city’s population is made up of students. Philadelphia has a great deal to offer a young, aspiring scholar, and the University of Pennsylvania is no exception. Its beautifully landscaped grounds, historic buildings, and extraordinary education is known far and wide. Plus, being in such a historical city, with the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall right down the street (not to mention the cheesesteaks), this city has it all. UPENN Online Don’t live near Philadelphia? Yearn to attend but can’t relocate? Or better yet, you live in the general area and rely on public transportation to get to class on time (for those of you who live or work in the outlying counties, you know what I’m talking about). If you need to expand your knowledge and want to do it in an Ivy League School, now you can. UPENN Online is offering several programs. They include the following:

  • Penn Advance – Penn Advance is offering two courses online for Fall 2008: Academic Writing and Research Design in the Arts and Sciences, and Forensic Anthropology. Both require live lecture attendance two nights/week.
  • Online Continuing Dental Education – Offered through the School of Dental Medicine for dental hygienists and dentists. Discounts on tuition may be available.
  • Online Continuing Medical Education – Offering a variety of online CME Courses on various topics
  • Online Continuing Nursing Education – The School of Nursing’s Center for Professional Development offers online courses on medical topics
  • English Language Programs Online Courses – Designed to teach and improve proper English written communication skills.

Although as of the date of this blog entry, this list of online programs is limited, UPENN Online is still in the trial phase of adding online courses to their curriculum. However, any course that is offered currently is guaranteed to inform and educate at the same level of all Penn University Courses! For more information on distance learning through the

University of Pennsylvania

, visit their website at upenn.edu. Related posts:

Source: University of Pennsylvania website, 2008.

Ivy League universities offer online degrees & certificates http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/ivy-league-universities-now-offer-online-degrees-and-certificates/ http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/ivy-league-universities-now-offer-online-degrees-and-certificates/#comments Mon, 19 May 2008 18:55:17 +0000 http://www.online-college-blog.com/index.php/archives/86 Ivy League dreams? Make them a reality. Although you may not be able to physically commute to an Ivy League campus, that shouldn’t keep you from “attending” classes at an Ivy League university. By far, Columbia, Harvard, and Cornell have the most extensive online programs. I give Penn, Dartmouth, and Yale an honorable mention. At this time, Brown and Princeton are the only Ivy League universities not offering some type of online program (but I will keep you posted if they do). Columbia University Columbia University currently offers more than 30 online degree programs through their Engineering department. Degrees range from Computer Science and Applied Mathematics to Mechanical Engineering and Methods in Finance. The Columbia Video Network (CVN) allows students around the globe to pursue residency-free, fully accredited engineering courses and degree programs via the internet. To see a complete list of online degrees and courses offered, visit my Columbia University online degree review. In addition to the Engineering department, Columbia University’s Teacher’s College also offer over 300 online courses and a number of certificate programs ranging from financial planning in education to project management. For more information, visit my Columbia University online review.

Cornell University

Cornell University currently offers 19 online certificate programs. Depending on the certificate, you will be required to complete between four and twelve courses. Tuition for certificate programs varies depending on the number of courses required and the school offering the program. Plan on spending between $2150 and $10500 for tuition. For more information, visit my Cornell University online certificate review posting. Harvard University Through its Extension School, Harvard University is now offering dozens of online courses. Although they do not offer a complete online degree program (as of yet), they do offer two graduate-level online certificate programs: Applied Sciences and Environmental Management. Alternately, you can simply take a few classes in a subject that interests you such as accounting or linguistics. If you are interested in earning a degree through the Harvard Extension School, you may do so, but you will have to combine online courses with some classroom attendance. For more information, visit my Harvard University online review posting. University of Pennsylvania Penn currently offers the following distance learning programs:

  1. PennAdvance: Allows individuals to earn Penn undergraduate credit or audit Penn courses from anywhere
  2. Dental Education: Online continuing education learning opportunities from the School of Dental Medicine.
  3. Medical Education: CME course offerings from the School of Medicine
  4. Nursing Education: Online Professional Development courses from the School of Nursing
  5. English Language Programs Online Courses : Reading, writing, and test prep courses for international students and professionals

For more information, check out our comprehensive review of University of Pennsylvania Online and Distance Learning Programs. Dartmouth College Dartmouth College, through its Tuck Executive Education program, now offers the Dartmouth Online Bridge Program based on the school’s campus-based Tuck Business Bridge Program. The bridge program is a "total immersion" business program for liberal arts graduates, PhDs, and what Dartmouth refers to as high-potential employees. Dartmouth’s Online Bridge Program is made up of a four program series which includes financial accounting, finance, marketing, and managerial economics. Together, these programs offer students twenty-five targeted courses in the area of business, accounting, and finance. Online Bridge students may complete the program at their own pace. The cost of an individual series $800; the entire program cost is $3,000, however, Dartmouth does offer fee incentives for groups of individuals who are sponsored by the same company. For complete program information, visit our Dartmouth College Online Program review. Yale University Compared to other Ivy League universities, Yale doesn’t offer much in the way of online programs. At this time, their primary offerings are through the Yale School of Medicine and the free online video lecture program. Online Learning at Yale School of Medicine Excerpt from Yale’s website (2007): "Experience the quality of learning you expect from the Yale School of Medicine without leaving your office. We bring the Yale School of Medicine to You. YaleCME brings together the global expertise of Yale School of Medicine physicians and educators to present online multimedia courses featuring its world class clinical departments. " Yale University Free Online Courses In December 2007, Yale University began offering free online courses to anyone who was interested. Many students have found them to be more "course materials" then actual classes themselves, but they did cover a small, but nice variety of topics. Yale University online classes currently available at no cost:

  1. Astronomy 160: Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics, with Professor Charles Bailyn.
  2. English 310: Modern Poetry, with Professor Langdon Hammer.
  3. Philosophy 176: Death, with Professor Shelly Kagan.
  4. Physics 200: Fundamentals of Physics, with Professor Ramamurti Shankar.
  5. Political Science 114: Introduction to Political Philosophy, with Professor Steven B. Smith.
  6. Psychology 110: Introduction to Psychology, with Professor Paul Bloom.
  7. Religious Studies 145: Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible), with Professor Christine Hayes.

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Sources: Columbia, Harvard Extension, Cornell, Penn, Yale, Brown, Princeton, and Dartmouth websites, 2007. Updates: Dartmouth College website, 2008; Yale University website, 2008.

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Cornell University Online http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/cornell-university-offers-19-online-programs/ http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/cornell-university-offers-19-online-programs/#comments Fri, 25 Apr 2008 13:09:40 +0000 http://www.online-college-blog.com/index.php/archives/53 Cornell University

Online at a glance

  • Cornell University, a private university, was founded in 1865
  • U.S. News Ranking: 12th in the nation
  • Cornell University Online promises "Ivy League Excellence, Online Convenience"
  • Cornell University Online offers online certificate programs

Interested? Take 2 minutes and get the complete scoop (pre-reqs, tuition, financial aid, etc.) on Cornell University Online Programs. Cornell University Online Certificate Programs Cornell currently offers a number of online certificate programs. Depending on the certificate, you will be required to complete between four and twelve courses. Tuition for certificate programs varies depending on the number of courses required and the Cornell school offering the program (see schools below). Plan on spending between $2,150 and $5,500 for tuition. In my opinion, that’s quite a bargain considering the boost an Ivy League certificate could give to your resume! In addition, Cornell University’s website indicates that financial aid is available. Cornell University Online Human Resource Certificates

  • Certificate in Human Resources Studies
  • HR: Benefits and Compensation Online Certificate
  • HR: Employee Relations Online Certificate
  • HR: Performance Management Online Certificate
  • HR: Selection and Staffing Online Certificate
  • Systems and Processing HR Online Certificate

Want to learn more about Cornell’s Online HR Certificates? Get the complete scoop from Cornell University Online. Cornell University Online Hotel, Hospitality, and Food Service Management Certificates

  • Hotel Revenue Management Online Certificate
  • Hospitality Management Online Certificate
  • Hospitality Marketing Online Certificate
  • Foodservice Management Online Certificate

Interested in one of Cornell’s Online Hotel, Hospitality, or Food Service Management Certificates? Take 2 minutes and get the details you need from Cornell University Online. Cornell University Online Courses In addition to online certificate programs, Cornell University Online also offers dozens of online courses. Cost of tuition varies depending on the school offering the course, but you can plan on spending between $575 and $1,145 per course. Tuition seems very reasonable considering you will be "attending classes" at an Ivy League university ranked 12th in the United States. The following is just a small sampling of the Cornell University Online courses currently offered:

  • Issues and Concepts in Equal Employment Opportunities Law
  • Employment Laws for the HR Professional
  • Fundamentals of Retirement Benefits
  • Fundamentals of Welfare and Flexible Benefits
  • Organizational Culture and Work/Life Balance
  • Communicating and Coaching and Counseling for Improved Performance
  • Applying a Compensation Model: Internal and Legal Considerations
  • Selection and Staffing: The Selection Process
  • Assessing, Designing, and Implementing Performance Management Systems
  • Achieving Year-Round Performance Management and Appraisal
  • Internal Consulting Skills for HR Professionals
  • Human Resources Leadership
  • Aligning HR Strategy with Organizational Strategy
  • Diversity and Inclusion for Bottom-line Performance
  • Building a Talent-Management Culture
  • Managing Employment Issues in a Global Context
  • Systems and Strategies for Managing Organizational Conflict
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Executive Decision Making
  • Unlocking Your Leadership Potential
  • Overcoming Challenges to Leaders and Their Teams
  • Developing an Agenda for Change
  • Mastering the Time Value of Money
  • Making Capital Investment Decisions
  • Understanding Financial Statements
  • Using Ratio Analysis to Evaluate Financial Performance

Interested? Take 2 minutes and get the complete details you need to get started (pre-requisites, required courses, financial aid, etc.) on Cornell University Online Programs. Related colleges and universities:

Source: eCornell.com. 2007.

http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/cornell-university-offers-19-online-programs/feed/ 4
Yale University now offers free online classes http://www.online-college-blog.com/ivy-league-online-degree/yale-university-free-online-class/ Fri, 04 Jan 2008 15:19:18 +0000 http://www.online-college-blog.com/index.php/ivy-league-online-programs/yale-university-free-online-class/ Free Ivy League education anyone? Well, that’s stretching it just a bit, but you can take a sneak peak into the Ivy League world without ever leaving your home.

I first mentioned Yale’s video lecture project a couple months ago in my Ivy League Universities now offer online degrees & certificates post, but at the time, no classes were available. Although the course selection is slim at this point, Yale will be adding more courses. So, check back often.

Yale University – Free Online Classes

  1. ASTR 160 – Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics
  2. ENGL 310 – Modern Poetry
  3. PHYS 200 – Fundamentals of Physics
  4. PLSC 114 – Introduction to Political Philosophy
  5. PSYC 110 – Introduction to Psychology
  6. RLST 145 – Introduction to the Old Testament
  7. PHIL 176 – Death

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Top 5 universities in the Northeast http://www.online-college-blog.com/ivy-league-online-degree/ivy-league-online-degree/ Wed, 02 Jan 2008 20:35:15 +0000 http://www.online-college-blog.com/index.php/ivy-league-online-programs/ivy-league-online-degree/ This is the 5th and final posting in the Top Universities by Region series. Considering the Northeast is home to the Ivy League, I thought it was fitting to end the series with this stellar list of the Top 5 universities in the Northeast.

Although this review is not specifically geared for the online student, except for Princeton, all of the Ivy League universities listed below offer some sort of online program.

Although not included here, another Ivy League institution, Cornell University, also offers online degrees and certificates.

What is the very best university in the nation? The question can perhaps be rephrased: What is the very best university in the Northeast? Time and again, on list after list, the top-rated university in the country is a Northeastern one.

The names stay the same, though the order sometimes changes. Is it Harvard, Yale, Princeton or Princeton, Harvard, Yale, or Yale, Princeton, Harvard? Given the prestige that comes with a degree from any of these universities, it is sometimes difficult to see any difference.

But there is, of course, a difference. Each school offers its own version of the best and each graduates students who can quickly and easily identify fellow alums. A Yalie is a Yalie is a Yalie, be he John Kerry or George Bush (to cite two recently profiled graduates of that institution).

To graduate from any of these schools is to be a member of an elite club. For many hopefuls, it seems, education is an afterthought. The primary goal is just getting in. Once the yearned-for admission is achieved, it is time to exhale. In the fantasy of many applicants, admission means that a lifetime of doors opening, jobs appearing, and riches all but guaranteed. Like any cliché, this fantasy has a basis in reality. Graduates from the schools on this list go on to big things, and big things are often done by graduates of these schools.

Is it the ambition to be the best that student arrive with that makes them become CEOs and presidents? Or is there something inherent in the education offered at these institutions that shapes leaders? That is a chicken and egg question, it is very hard to know the answer. But if someone is to solve that question, it is not unlikely that he or she will hold a diploma from one of the esteemed schools on this list.

1. Harvard University, Cambridge, MA

Harvard has so long been synonymous with the best (think “the Harvard of…”) that its first place seat on this list is unlikely to shake the institution one way or the other. Despite its many detractors, Harvard continues to attract top students and top faculty, making it the high water mark in American education. Being able to ‘drop the H-bomb,’ and say you went to Harvard, continues to impress more than any degree.

2. Yale University, New Haven, CT

Number two Yale, alma mater of presidents and the powerful, has a heated competition with Harvard that keeps both schools at their best. A word to the wise: Visit New Haven before accepting a Yale admission. The flavor of the campus and town are different from that at the other Ivies and may not be to everyone’s taste.

3. Princeton University, Princeton, NJ

Third place Princeton University has recently plundered some of Harvard’s most prestigious departments for faculty, gaining the school headlines and new enthusiasm among applicants. Forever the American home of Einstein, Princeton’s bucolic setting makes it the ideal place to ponder imponderables on the road to success.

4. University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA

Founded by no less prestigious a figure than Benjamin Franklin, Penn lures top applicants away from the top three schools on this list by providing one of the very best educations available anywhere in the world, with a stress on integration between academic and non-academic experience. Penn is simply a great school.

5. Columbia University, New York, NY

Last, but in no way least, is Columbia University. Located above Central Park in Manhattan, Columbia capitalizes on its city-that-never-sleeps location to attract some of the most creative and visionary students and faculty in the nation to its campus. Columbia is a terrific school, offering stellar education alongside impossible-to-beat cultural and internship opportunities.

If you are admitted to more than one of these schools, first, congratulations. Second, some advice: it is essential to spend time on and around campus before making your decision, each is excellent and each has a flavor all its own.

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Top Five Undergraduate Programs http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/top-online-undergraduate-programs/ Thu, 06 Dec 2007 18:21:07 +0000 http://www.online-college-blog.com/index.php/online-college-reviews/top-online-undergraduate-programs/ According to US News and World Report’s rankings of America’s Best Colleges, the top five list of undergraduate programs breaks down as follows (online program availability varies):

1. Harvard University

1. Princeton University

3. Yale University

4. University of Pennsylvania

5. Duke University –> Duke Online MBA

5. Stanford University –>  Stanford online graduate courses and degrees

The top four undergraduate schools hail from the Ivy League. Harvard and Princeton are tied for first. Duke and Stanford both occupy slot number five.

Harvard University is a world renowned center for higher education. Its admission requirements are strict, and competition for enrollment is highly competitive. If you do get in though, you are virtually guaranteed a premium and diverse college experience. Harvard has a wide selection of liberal arts majors, and over 3500 different courses to explore.

Princeton University refuses to be ranked second. Located in New Jersey, Princeton has a rich tradition of challenging coursework and rewarding research opportunities. The faculty members are among the most respected members of their individual fields. If you want to focus on your own independent research, Princeton offers plenty of individual study options with faculty advising and encouragement.

Yale University is a highly respected place to get your undergraduate degree. Yale has plenty of funding opportunities and a supportive residential college housing system. You can take virtually any major, and you will have tenured professors teaching you your undergraduate coursework.

The University of Pennsylvania is a great institution for interdisciplinary studies. The university has many joint-degree programs, interdisciplinary majors and institutions. The Institute for Medicine and Engineering is major intersection of innovative thinking and original research. The Management and Technology program combines economic study with degree programs in engineering or applied science. If you are looking to combine disciplines, Pennsylvania has plenty to offer.

Duke University has excellent programs in law, business and medicine, and it’s undergoing massive construction and expansion efforts. Duke is a fine institution. Admission is very competitive. Duke has some of the lowest acceptance rates around, but if you get in you’ll have a very worthwhile experience.

Stanford University is beautiful school tucked away in Palo Alto, California. It has excellent degree programs all across the board. The creative writing, history, government, psychology and communications programs are first rate, as are the medical and sciences courses. Stanford is the throbbing heart of the Silicon Valley revolution, so there are plenty of opportunities to learn about new technologies and their every day applications.

If you are looking to get into the best programs in the country, make sure you have what it takes to excel in these highly competitive environments. If you take your high school experience seriously, there’s no reason why you can’t get into any school in the country. When you make your final decision, make sure it’s based on personal preference and not popular rankings.

About the Author: Take a look at more industry related articles by Chris Stout at careersandeducation.com. Chris Stout is a frequent contributor with articles pertaining to using Distance Learning and Career Advice.

Columbia University now offers over 30 online degrees http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/columbia-university-now-offers-over-30-online-degrees/ http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/columbia-university-now-offers-over-30-online-degrees/#comments Fri, 19 Oct 2007 18:15:53 +0000 http://www.online-college-blog.com/index.php/archives/85 Interested in

Columbia University

Online Degrees? Ivy League dreams? Make them a reality by taking advantage of Columbia University’s online degree and certificate programs. Although Cornell and Harvard currently offer numerous online courses and certificates, at this time, Columbia University Online offers more online degrees than any other Ivy League institution. Presently, the two primary schools offering online programs are Engineering and the Teacher’s College. Columbia University Online Degrees – Engineering School The Graduate Engineering department, through the Columbia Video Network (CVN), provides graduate distance learning courses. CVN allows students around the globe to pursue residency-free, fully accredited engineering courses and degree programs via the internet. Through CVN, students may choose to pursue the degree of Masters of Science (MS) or the Professional Degree (PD). Admission

  • No Transcripts are required for a student’s first semester
  • No GRE scores are required for a student’s first semester
  • Students with a strong engineering background do not need to formally matriculate into a degree program before beginning their studies
  • Non-matriculated students are assigned the status of Video Special (VS)
  • VS students may take courses for credit or audit

Program options

  1. Master of Science
  2. Professional Degree
  3. Certificate program
  4. Audit courses at a discounted tuition rate

Tuition Currently, tuition is $1184 per credit hour, plus a CVN fee of $375 per course. New students also pay a one-time $75 transcript fee. Once a person matriculates, they can expect to pay $4002 for their first 3-credit course ($3552 tuition + CVN fee + transcript fee). Masters Degrees

  1. Applied Mathematics
  2. Biomedical Engineering
  3. Chemical Engineering
  4. Civil Engineering – General
  5. Civil Engineering – Construction Engineering and Management
  6. Computer Science (choose from 7 different fields of study)
  7. Earth and Environmental Engineering
  8. Electrical Engineering (choose from 8 different fields of study)
  9. Methods in Finance
  10. Engineering and Management Systems (2 choices)
  11. Operations Research
  12. Materials Science and Engineering
  13. Mechanical Engineering

Doctoral Degrees/First Professional

  1. Computer Science
  2. Electrical Engineering
  3. Industrial Engineering / Operations Research
  4. Mechanical Engineering

Columbia University Online Certificates

  1. Applied Mathematics
  2. Business and Technology
  3. Civil Engineering
  4. Computer Science
  5. Electrical Engineering
  6. Financial Engineering
  7. Industrial Engineering and Operations Research
  8. Materials Science
  9. Mechanical Engineering
  10. Nanotechnology

Columbia University – Teacher’s College The Teacher’s College at Columbia University now offers over 300 online courses and the following online certificate programs:

  1. Online Certificate in Financial Planning Education
  2. Online Certificate in Teaching and Learning with Technology
  3. Online Certificate in Designing Interactive Multimedia Instruction
  4. Online Certificate in Cognition and Technology
  5. New Teacher Online Survival Series
  6. Project Management Certification Preparation

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Everest University
Westwood College – Associate’s & Bachelor’s Degrees. Offering Associate’s & Bachelor’s degrees, Westwood College takes undergraduate level education to the highest level available. Students will have the ability to learn from home and take classes that fit their schedule.


Sources: Columbia University Engineering, Columbia University Teacher’s College

http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/columbia-university-now-offers-over-30-online-degrees/feed/ 6
Harvard University Online Classes and Programs http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/harvard-university-now-offering-online-classes/ http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/harvard-university-now-offering-online-classes/#comments Mon, 24 Sep 2007 19:52:44 +0000 http://www.online-college-blog.com/index.php/archives/38 Can I really earn a Harvard University Online Degree? A degree from Harvard University represents one of the most prestigious academic accomplishments in the world. Now, by way of its extension school, there are dozens of Harvard University online courses available to students. Although they are yet to offer a complete online degree program, they do offer two graduate-level online certificate programs that may be completed entirely online: Applied Sciences and Environmental Management. Alternately, you can simply take a few classes in a subject that interests you such as accounting or linguistics to spice up your resume. Please note, if you are interested in earning a degree through the Harvard Extension School, you may do so, but you will have to combine online courses with some classroom attendance. If you are unable to meet this requirement and would like to earn a complete degree or certificate online from a high caliber institution, check out one of these top-ranked schools: Cornell, University of Notre Dame, Boston University, and Tulane University. Harvard University Online Tuition Tuition is charged per course and varies depending on whether the course is being taken for noncredit, undergraduate, or graduate credit. Tuition varies, but figure on spending between $800 and $1975 per course (reduced tuition is available for certain courses if you take the course on a non-credit basis). Harvard University Distance education snapshot:

Distance education allows students living around the world to experience Harvard through a variety of Extension School courses. Lectures conducted on campus are videotaped, then made available online along with course-related material. Local students may attend lectures in person or watch them online and frequently enjoy the benefits of doing both. In some cases, courses are available only online. All students complete the same coursework. Much of the communication between faculty and students occurs by e-mail and course websites. Many courses also have a bulletin board or chat room to foster dialogue among students and the teaching staff. Credit toward degrees and certificates You may earn a degree or certificate through a combination of online and on-campus courses. Some programs do require a minimum residency, so be sure to review requirements carefully. Currently, only the Certificate in Environmental Management and Certificate in Applied Sciences may be completed entirely online. (Harvard University Extension School, 2007, para. 1-2)

Courses offered Fall 2008 at the Harvard Extension School Harvard University Online Management Courses ACCT E-110 Fundamentals of Accounting and Finance for Governmental and Nonprofit Organizations ACCT E-120 Managerial Accounting FINC E-100 Principles of Finance FINC E-130 Managerial Finance MGMT E-147 Managing Organizational Change MGMT E-190 Principles and Practices of Fundraising MRKT E-120 Internet Marketing Strategies OBHR E-100, Section 2 Human Resource Management Harvard University Online Computer Science Courses CSCI E-2a Life, Liberty, and Happiness after the Digital Explosion CSCI E-14, Section 1 Understanding and Developing Multimedia CSCI E-50a Introduction to Computer Science Using Java I CSCI E-52 Intensive Introduction to Computer Science Using C, C++, and PHP CSCI E-131b Communication Protocols and Internet Architectures CSCI E-132 Advanced Topics in Data Networking Protocols and Network Architectures CSCI E-153 Web Development Using XML CSCI E-160 Java for Distributed Computing CSCI E-168 Building Web-Based Software with Ruby and Ruby on Rails CSCI E-207 Introduction to Formal Systems and Computation CSCI E-237 Programming Microsoft .NET CSCI E-247/W Software Design: Principles, Models, and Patterns CSCI E-253 Developing Web-based Database Applications ENSC E-130 Fundamentals of Microfabrication with Applications to MEMS ENSC E-150 Introduction to Nanobiotechnology: Concepts and Applications Harvard University Online Liberal Arts and Sciences Courses ANTH E-175 Mesoamerican Civilizations ANTH E-177 Maya Hieroglyphic Writing BIOS E-50 Neurobiology BIOS E-105 Medical Detectives BIOS E-172 Biological Perspectives on HIV and AIDS BIOS E-235 Principles of Human Disease: Physiology and Pharmacology ENGL E-130 Shakespeare and Modern Culture ENGL E-196 American Protest Literature from Tom Paine to Tupac ENVR E-101 Environmental Management I ENVR E-109 Environmental Politics ENVR E-115 Introduction to Sustainable Development ENVR E-119 Sustainable Buildings: Design, Construction, and Operations ENVR E-120 Environmental Ethics and Land Management ENVR E-140/W Fundamentals of Ecology ENVR E-150 Life Cycle and Risk Assessment EXPO E-25, Section 4 Academic Writing and Critical Reading GOVT E-1062 Theories of Citizenship GOVT E-1775 The Modern World Economy, 1873 to 2000 HIST E-1600 Encounters: Early Modern British Exploration and Settlement in the Atlantic World HIST E-1601/W Colonial America HIST E-1825 China: Traditions and Transformations HIST E-1890 World War and Society in the Twentieth Century: World War II HIST E-1915 Africa and Africans: The Making of a Continent in the Modern World JOUR E-100 Graduate Journalism Proseminar: Writing and Reporting JOUR E-120/W Ethics and Journalism LING E-115 Introduction to Syntax MATH E-301 Math for Teaching Number Theory MUSE E-100 Introduction to Museum Studies PHIL E-123/W Classics of American Thought PSYC E-1030/W Human Development PSYC E-1091 The Cognitive Dog: Savant or Slacker PSYC E-1240 Abnormal Psychology PSYC E-1504 Positive Psychology RELI E-1015/W Comparative Religious Ethics RELI E-1027 From the Hebrew Bible to Judaism, from the Old Testament to Christianity RELI E-1076 Religion and Politics in Current "Fundamentalist" Movements STAT E-50 Introduction to Statistics [Source: Harvard University Extension School, Fall 2008 Course List. See Harvard Extension School for the latest data.] Harvard University graduate-level certificate programs Harvard University Online Certificate in Applied Sciences

  1. Can be completed entirely online
  2. Must have a regionally accredited bachelor degree
  3. Certificate courses will award Graduate-level credit
  4. Before applying for admission, must successfully complete three graduate courses through the Harvard Extension school
  5. Includes basic courses in computer science, mathematics, and physics.
  6. Many students are career changers who go on to land entry-level positions in software engineering, software testing, and customer support.

Harvard University Online Certificate in Environmental Management

  1. Can be completed entirely online
  2. Must have a regionally accredited bachelor degree
  3. Certificate courses will award Graduate-level credit
  4. Before applying for admission, must successfully complete three graduate courses through the Harvard Extension school
  5. Gain or improve environmental management skills

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 Source: Harvard University Extension School, Distance Education (2007). For more program information, or to see some sample online lectures, visit the Harvard University Extension website.

http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-college-reviews/harvard-university-now-offering-online-classes/feed/ 15