MIT now offers over 1,800 free online classes

Free MIT Online Classes!

If you were impressed by Notre Dame’s free online classes or Yale’s online courses, you may want to take a look at MIT!

Instead of simply offering a couple dozen courses, top-ranked MIT offers over 1,800 free online courses in nearly 3 dozen fields.

Since I would quickly run out of space if I tried to list all the courses, I’ll start by listing the…

Top 20 most popular free online MIT courses (as indicated by MIT’s website)

  1. Linear Algebra
  2. Circuits and Electronics
  3. Physics I: Classical Mechanics
  4. Electricity and Magnetism
  5. Differential Equations
  6. Introduction to Algorithms
  7. Single Variable Calculus
  8. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs
  9. Introduction to Biology
  10. Physics I
  11. Physics III: Vibrations and Waves
  12. Signals and Systems
  13. Mathematics for Computer Science
  14. Mathematical Methods for Engineers I
  15. Introduction to Psychology
  16. Principles of Macroeconomics (more…)

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