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  • Headquarters are located in Davenport, Iowa
  • Regionally accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
  • Students get full access to UAH Salmon Library at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, Alabama
  • Recently launched Kaplan University High School, a national online high school option
  • Certificate programs can be completed in less than six months

Kaplan University – What sets them apart? Kaplan University strives to keep students engaged in their online academic programs. Some of the school’s strategies include discussion boards, web field trips, and seminars. Students interact with their peers and instructors via the online discussion boards. Students go on ‘web field trips’ by conducting research on the internet and taking notes to share in later discussions. Kaplan University is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a member of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.  Kaplan University Online Nursing Program and Online Juris Doctor program Kaplan University’s School of Nursing earned national accreditation for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program from the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) in 2006. Kaplan offers Juris Doctor degrees through the Concord Law School of Kaplan University. Potential students should know that Concord is not recognized by the American Bar Association. However, some states allow students from non ABA-accredited law schools to take the bar exam and practice law once admitted to the bar. Laws vary by state so you’ll want to check your local regulations before enrolling in Kaplan’s JD program. Kaplan also offers an online paralegel degree program. Interested? Take 2 minutes and request information specific to your program of interest at Kaplan University Online. Kaplan University Online Master’s Degrees:

  • MA in Teaching and Learning
  • Master of Education
  • Master of Science in Information Technology
  • MBA
  • MBA/Entrepreneurship
  • MBA/Finance
  • MBA/Human Resource Management
  • MBA/Information Technology
  • MBA/Management, Communication, and Quality
  • MBA/Marketing
  • MBA/Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • MS in Criminal Justice
  • MS in Higher Education/College Administration and Leadership
  • MS in Higher Education/College Teaching and Learning
  • MS in Higher Education/Student Services
  • MS in Legal Studies
  • MS in Management/Change Leadership
  • MS in Management/Health Care Management
  • MS in Management/Project Management
  • MS in Management/Supply Chain Management and Logistics
  • MS in Nursing/Nurse Administrator
  • MS in Nursing/Nurse Educator
  • MSCJ/Corrections
  • MSCJ/Global Issues in Criminal Justice
  • MSCJ/Law
  • MSCJ/Leadership and Executive Management
  • MSCJ/Policing

Interested? Take 2 minutes and request information specific to your program of interest at Kaplan University Online. Kaplan University Online Bachelor’s Degrees:

  • Advanced Start BS in Business
  • Advanced Start BS in Communication
  • Advanced Start BS in Criminal Justice
  • Advanced Start BS in Health and Wellness
  • Advanced Start BS in Health Science
  • Advanced Start BS in Information Technology
  • Advanced Start BS in Legal Studies
  • Advanced Start BS in Management
  • Advanced Start BS in Management/Health Care Management
  • Advanced Start BS in Networking Technology
  • Advanced Start BS in Nutrition Science
  • Advanced Start BS in Paralegal Studies
  • Advanced Start BS in Psychology
  • Advanced Start BS in Software Development
  • BS in Accounting
  • BS in Business
  • BS in Communication/Organizational Communications
  • BS in Communication/Technical Writing
  • BS in Criminal Justice
  • BS in Health and Wellness
  • BS in Health Science
  • BS in Information Technology
  • BS in Legal Studies
  • BS in Management
  • BS in Management/Health Care Management
  • BS in Networking Technology
  • BS in Nutrition Science
  • BS in Paralegal Studies
  • BS in Psychology/Applied Behavioral Analysis
  • BS in Psychology/Child Development
  • BS in Psychology/Substance Abuse
  • BS in Software Development
  • BSA/Auditing-Forensic Accountancy
  • BSA/Governmental-Nonprofit
  • BSA/Managerial Accountancy
  • BSA/Public Accountancy
  • BSA/Tax Accountancy
  • BSB/Accounting
  • BSB/Business Security and Assurance
  • BSB/Finance
  • BSB/General Business
  • BSB/Management of Information Systems
  • BSCJ/Computer Crime
  • BSCJ/Corrections
  • BSCJ/Crime Analysis
  • BSCJ/Crime Scene Investigation
  • BSCJ/Forensic Psychology
  • BSCJ/Fraud Examination and Investigation
  • BSCJ/Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
  • BSCJ/Juvenile Justice
  • BSCJ/Law Enforcement
  • BSCJ/Private Security
  • BSHS/Health and Wellness
  • BSHS/Nutrition Science
  • BSHS/Pregraduate-Preprofessional
  • BSHW/Health Science
  • BSHW/Nutrition Science
  • BSHW/Pregraduate-Preprofessional
  • BSIT/Database
  • BSIT/Networking
  • BSIT/Programming
  • BSIT/Web Multimedia and Animation
  • BSLS/Health Care
  • BSM/Accounting Management
  • BSM/Business Administration
  • BSM/General Management
  • BSM/Health Care Management
  • BSM/Human Resource Management
  • BSM/Management of Information Systems
  • BSM/Marketing
  • BSM/Retail Management
  • BSNS/Dietetics
  • BSNS/Health and Wellness
  • BSNS/Health Science
  • BSNS/Pregraduate-Preprofessional
  • BSPS/Alternative Dispute Resolution
  • BSPS/Corporate Law
  • BSPS/Employment Law
  • BSPS/Family Law
  • BSPS/Legal Technology
  • BSPS/Office Management
  • BSPS/Personal Injury
  • BSPS/Real Estate Law
  • BSPS/Social Security Law
  • RN to BS in Nursing Completion Degree

Interested? Take 2 minutes and request information specific to your program of interest at Kaplan University Online. Kaplan University Associate’s Degrees:

  • AAS in Accounting
  • AAS in Business Administration/Management
  • AAS in Business/Travel and Hospitality Management
  • AAS in Computer Information Systems
  • AAS in Criminal Justice
  • AAS in Global Travel and Hospitality Management
  • AAS in Medical Assisting
  • AAS in Medical Office Management
  • AAS in Medical Transcription
  • AAS in Paralegal Studies
  • AASCIS/Networking
  • AASCIS/Programming
  • AASCIS/Web Development
  • AASCJ/Corrections
  • AASCJ/Homeland Security and Counterterrorism
  • AASCJ/Law Enforcement
  • AASCJ/Private Security
  • AS in Interdisciplinary Studies
  • AS in Nursing
  • ASIS/Communication
  • ASIS/Early Childhood Development
  • ASIS/Early Childhood Development
  • ASIS/Educational Paraprofessional
  • ASIS/Educational Paraprofessional

Interested? Take 2 minutes and request information specific to your program of interest at Kaplan University Online. Kaplan University Online Certificates:

  • Corrections Certificate
  • Crime Scene Technician Certificate
  • Information Assurance Certificate
  • Information Technology Pathway Certificate
  • Internet and Website Development Certificate
  • Introduction to Computer Programming Language Certificate
  • Legal Secretary Certificate
  • Management and Supervision Certificate
  • Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer
  • Pathway to Paralegal Postbaccalaureate Certificate
  • Private Security Certificate
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Professional Development for Teachers
  • Teacher Intern Certificate
  • Travel Associate Certificate

Kaplan University Online Diplomas

  • Travel Professional Diploma

Kaplan University Online Continuing and Professional Studies

  • Case Management Certificate
  • Certificate in Financial Planning
  • Executive Coaching Certificate
  • Forensic Nursing Certificate
  • Geriatric Care Management Certificate
  • Legal Nurse Consulting Certificate
  • Life Care Planning Certificate
  • Medical Coding Certificate
  • Pharmacy Technician Certificate
  • Project Management Certificate
  • Risk Management Certificate
  • Six Sigma Certificate

Kaplan University Online Juris Doctor – Concord Law

  • Executive JD
  • Juris Doctor

Kaplan University Online Tuition Kaplan University tuition for undergraduate online programs, including the Pathway to Paralegal Postbaccalaureate Certificate, is $336 per quarter credit hour. Per-credit tuition for graduate programs is as follows: Master of Business Administration ($395), Master of Science in Management ($380), Master of Science in Criminal Justice ($350), Master of Science in Nursing ($350), Master of Science in Information Technology ($365), Master of Science in Higher Education ($350), Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning ($350), Master of Education ($350), Teacher Intern Certificate ($350), and Professional Development for Teachers program ($350). Undergraduate tuition includes the cost of books. Kaplan University Online Financial Aid Kaplan University Online financial aid options include a variety of federal grants and federal, state, and private lending programs, including military financial aid. Active-duty service members, national guard, and reserves, as well as drilling members of the national guard and reserves receive 15% reduced tuition and their spouses are eligible for 10% off tuition rates. Kaplan University also awards scholarships to eligible students. Interested? Take 2 minutes and request information specific to your program of interest at Kaplan University Online. Still looking?


Be your own boss! Pursue an online degree in entrepreneurship. http://www.online-college-blog.com/online-business-degree/small-business-degree-online/ Wed, 02 Jan 2008 17:59:29 +0000 http://www.online-college-blog.com/index.php/fields-of-study/small-business-degree-online/ Many people dream of owning their own business some day. You may be one of them. You may even know what kind of business you’d like to own, but it takes more than desire – it takes expertise and knowledge in many areas of business to be successful.

It takes knowing how to combine sophisticated business savvy, resource management skills and interpersonal talent to create a working organization. It takes stamina and expertise to take calculated risks to spark new companies or advance existing ones. Many entrepreneurs are born, but most are made. And fortunately, there are many college programs today leading to an associate, bachelor, and master’s degree that can help you pursue an entrepreneurship career.

Learn the Vital Elements of Successful Entrepreneurship

Pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship, you will learn about seeking, receiving, and managing venture capital. You can develop your skills in creating brands, partnerships, writing grants and procuring business development loans. Coursework can include accounting, human resources management (recruiting and staffing), business-plan writing, budgeting, investments, communications strategy and marketing – all the vital elements to help you get on your way.

Some online, self-paced programs offer the option of taking an internship with an existing company. This provides you with direct mentoring from management and business leadership as well as the opportunity to develop life-long business contacts and partnerships.

Interested? Perform an online degree search.

Entrepreneurs Find Opportunities in Businesses of All Sizes

Entrepreneurs are needed across all business sectors in the country, including financial, manufacturing, marketing, technology, and healthcare industries — as well as millions of small and medium-sized businesses.

U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) Reports that Small Businesses:

  • generate 60-80% of all new jobs each year in the U.S
  • contribute more than half of the United States’ non-farm private sector gross domestic product (GDP)
  • produce 13 to 14 times more patents per employee than large patent-producing firms

These are just a few points of importance for the contributions of small businesses in our economy. And small businesses can grow into very successful medium to large businesses with the right information and knowledge.

Flexible Online Education for Hopeful Entrepreneurs

No matter the level of your entrepreneurship training, you can find flexible online courses from accredited colleges and universities that offer the latest in theoretical studies combined with hands-on instruction in contemporary management and financial software. You can gain the knowledge you need and get on the road to success with online courses in entrepreneurship .

Specialized Degrees

Looking for a specialized entrepreneurship degree or certification course? You’ll find them at both undergraduate and graduate levels. There are online colleges offering a Bachelor Degree in Business, Master’s of Business Administration, and Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship. And you’ll find colleges offering online training leading to a graduate certificate in entrepreneurship.

If you’re ready to pursue an ambitious career in Entrepreneurship or Small Business Management, discover how you can begin today with a convenient online program from an accredited college or university. Online programs are designed especially for individuals ready to improve their opportunities or change careers completely.

Interested? Perform an online degree search.


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