Building an Online College Blog in a Social Media World

Social media has swept the world ever since the first days of Facebook and MySpace.  Since this point, we have witnessed social media sites come and go, and have additionally witnessed the huge revolution that has taken place as sites like Twitter have become a “go-to” spot for international news and a hub for oppressed citizens to voice the cruelty of their situations to the world.  Along with these sites has become the increased prominence of blog sites around the internet.  Blogs have been around for over a decade, but recently gained notoriety after journalists and politicians began to use them as a forum for their own political views and musings.  Since this point, ordinary citizens have begun to use blogs as a way to grow closer to their followers and simply to have a place to have their own creative space.  Different from a diary, the blog allows users to publicly discuss their day, the weather, their hobbies, or their political views.  More recently, online colleges have begun to develop blog sites in an effort to attract more students because of this “closeness” that social media sites create.

Blog sites for online colleges typically revolve around the easy adaptability to online education, the cost efficient tuition fees, easy schedules, and degree programs.  For future students of online universities, these blogs help them make the difficult decision whether or not to earn an online degree.  Blogs enlarge a bond with the reader, due to the closeness which social media sites have developed with their users.  Twitter is the best example of this, due to the many celebrities who constantly update, and their many followers who feel like they have a secret insight into their lives.  Blogs work on the same system, although they can have longer updates and are not confined to 140 characters.  Online college blogs appeal to many visitors of online college sites and are vital to the existence of the school.

Many blogs post frequent updates to engage the reader, and with the ever increasing sources of news in online education, blogs have a lot to comment on.  Online college blogs can comment on the bad reputation that many online colleges receive and how they serve to rebut these beliefs through their outstanding programs and faculty.  The possibilities are nearly endless for college blogs and can span a variety of subjects, although these blogs are more carefully honed into the interests of students.  Developing this type of blog may be difficult, since social media has transformed the way many of us read articles.  Blogs cannot be too long, but instead have to pull the reader in with sensationalized headlines (much like the early days of newspapers), and carefully broken up paragraphs.  Blogs are part of the wave of the future, and go hand in hand with the advancement of online education. 


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