57 Useful, Fun and Bookmarkworthy Online “Generators”

Online generators offer a great way to easily come up with ideas. From domain names to Twitter influence, the possibilities are virtually limitless. Read on to find a wide variety of generators available online.


Create names for your band, or just find out what your porn name might be with these generators.

  1. Random Name Generator: This generator will help you create a name based on gender, heritage, history, and more.
  2. Band Name Maker: Use this generator to come up with a randomized band name, or enter your own word or phrase to use in your band name.
  3. Hip Hop Rap Name Generator: Fill out the answers to a few questions to find our your hip hop name in this generator.
  4. Character Name Generator: If you’re playing Dungeons and Dragons, or any other related game, and you get stuck when trying to come up with names, turn to this generator that will help you create some.
  5. The Name Generator: This tool is a name generator for authors, available as a purely random tool, or with options and the ability to browse using tags.
  6. The Porn Name Generator: Come up with a classy porn name with the help of this generator.
  7. Fake Name Generator: Get a random name and identity with the help of this generator.
  8. Pirate Name Generator: Enter your current name into this generator to emerge redubbed as a pirate.
  9. The Random Name Generator: With this generator, you can get random names, from common to obscure.
  10. Prison Bitch Name Generator: Enter your name into this generator to find out what your nickname in prison might be.
  11. Fantasy Name Generator: Make up names for fantasy stories using the Fantasy Name Generator.
  12. The Hobbit Name Generator: Discover your secret name with this generator.
  13. Jedi Name Generator: Star Wars fans can use this generator to come up with your Jedi name.
  14. Vampire Name Generator: Create a vampire name just for fun or for use with gothic role playing games with the help of this generator.


Use these generators to make important business decisions, or just come up with strange acronyms.

  1. Web 2.0 Domain Name Generator: This generator simply creates random Web 2.0-friendly names.
  2. Brand Name Generator: Enter keywords relating to your business into this generator, and it will pop out with a list of original names.
  3. Web Economy Bullshit Generator: With this generator, you can come up with fun and useful phrases to use when describing the Web economy.
  4. Acronym Interaction, Expansion and Extrapolation Engine (AIEEE): Use the AIEEE to generate an important-sounding acronym.
  5. Product Name Generator: Come up with a name for just about any product with this generator.
  6. Web Two Point Oh!: Check out this satire generator to find pre-created Web 2.0 company names and products.
  7. Essay Generator: Simply plug your essay topic into this generator, and get a full essay in return.
  8. Random Logline Generator: Use this generator to come up with inspirational story and scene ideas to write about.
  9. Press Release Grader: Measure the effectiveness of your press release with this handy tool.
  10. Computer Job Titles: Create a totally random computer job title using this generator.
  11. Web 2.0 Name Generator: Enter a variety of words into this generator to create an associated Web 2.0 name.

Web Development

With these generators, you can find a domain name, create buttons, and more.

  1. Website Grader: Plug your URL into this generator to get a marketing and SEO score for your website.
  2. .htaccess Generator: With this generator, you can create the files you need to password protect a directory of your website.
  3. Dot-o-mator: Enter a prefix, suffix, or words to create the perfect domain name with the help of this generator.
  4. WordPress Theme Generator: Use this online generator to create your own custom WordPress theme.
  5. MyCoolButton: With this generator, you can simply and quickly make a custom button for your website or blog.
  6. Color Scheme Generator: Come up with a well-styled color scheme using this generator.
  7. Meta Tag Generator: Plug your URL into this generator, and it will find common words for you to place in your meta tags.
  8. Nameboy: Generate a domain name based on primary and secondary words with the help of this tool.
  9. Genfavicon: Use this generator to create a favicon for your website.
  10. Screedbot: With this generator, you can create your own scrolling typewriter text.
  11. Ajaxload: Create an Ajax loading gif with the help of this generator.
  12. CSS Menu Generator: With this generator, you’ll be able to create the CSS and HTML code for navigation buttons.
  13. Website Ribbon Generator: Use the Website Ribbon Generator to create and add a ribbon to your website or blog.
  14. Weebly: This website and blog generator will walk you through the steps of making your own web creation.
  15. Web 2.0 Logo Generator: Make a Web 2.0 logo with the help of this generator.

Social Media

Measure your strength and influence on the social web through these generators.

  1. Twitter and Facebook Status Generator: If you just can’t think of anything to say, say it with this generator.
  2. Twitter Grader: Measure the power of your profile with this generator that offers a ranking, suggested follows, and more.
  3. Facebook Grader: Use this generator to find out how powerful your Facebook profile is.
  4. Bubblesnaps: Using the Bubblesnaps generator, you can add a speech bubble or thought cloud to your photos, then share them on various social networks.
  5. Klout: With the Klout generator, you can track your influence across the social web.
  6. Tweetsnap: Generate a Twitter active badge that updates your status using this tool.
  7. MyTweetSpace: Use this generator to create a free Twitter background.


These generators are just for fun.

  1. Simple Map Generator: This map generator will highlight all of the countries you’ve visited in Google Maps and Google Earth.
  2. Nickname Generator: Get a LOST nickname from Saywer from this generator.
  3. Church Sign Generator: Have you ever wanted to rearrange the letters on a church sign to make your own message? Do it using this fun generator.
  4. Tombstone Generator: Here lies a fun way to write your own tombstone.
  5. Random Advice Generator: Find advice with no hidden agendas from this generator.
  6. The Gematriculator: Use this generator to simply determine how good or evil a web site or text passage is.
  7. Lucky Numbers Generator: Find lottery numbers, lucky numbers, and more with the help of this generator.
  8. The Joke Opener Generator: Come up with a joke setup using this generator.
  9. Custom Road Sign: With this simple generator, you can write whatever you want into a custom road sign.
  10. The Surrealist Compliment Generator: Load and reload this page to generate a new surrealist compliment every time.
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