Yale University now offers free online classes

Free Ivy League education anyone? Well, that’s stretching it just a bit, but you can take a sneak peak into the Ivy League world without ever leaving your home.

I first mentioned Yale’s video lecture project a couple months ago in my Ivy League Universities now offer online degrees & certificates post, but at the time, no classes were available. Although the course selection is slim at this point, Yale will be adding more courses. So, check back often.

Yale University – Free Online Classes

  1. ASTR 160 – Frontiers and Controversies in Astrophysics
  2. ENGL 310 – Modern Poetry
  3. PHYS 200 – Fundamentals of Physics
  4. PLSC 114 – Introduction to Political Philosophy
  5. PSYC 110 – Introduction to Psychology
  6. RLST 145 – Introduction to the Old Testament
  7. PHIL 176 – Death

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